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Compare 82 prices from 6 stores.

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HP produces many electronic devices for the office, including scanners. A regular office need, the scanner is a quick way to copy a document in a digital format. It is similar to taking a picture but with better results as it is designed for this purpose specifically. With a camera, there is some distortion at the edges due to the lens curvature. HP has a full range of scanners and the prices vary depending on size and features. Generally, high-end prices as HP is one of the leading brands. 

Pros & Cons


  • Quick reproduction without damaging original


HP is one of the biggest and among the most well-known brands that make computers, printers and scanners. The HP scanner range has various options with differences in size and abilities.  

An office need and its variations

Office scanners are most often the 'flatbed scanners'. For higher resolutions, one would need a drum scanner. 

In a scanner, the page or image is scanned with even light and no distortion at the edges. There are also scanners that are designed to scan a bundle of papers making the process faster. These have a paper feeder as one sees in printers. 

Resolution, file formats and dynamic range

The resolution affects how high quality the scanned image is. The effective resolution is generally somewhat less than what brands claim, at least 30 to 40% less.

File formats are either uncompressed or compressed. The uncompressed format means one will have a lot more data and thus more resolution and clarity. TIFF is a common uncompressed format and JPEG or PDF are common compressed formats. 

The dynamic range of a scanner is its ability to differentiate between the highlights and shadows, this matters as the higher the dynamic range the better it captures images. This works especially well for scanning developed film.

Considerations and general

For connectivity HP scanners mostly use USB or Firewire, some also have wireless abilities.

HP has many different scanners, the sizes vary from regular A4 to a 42-inch wide paper slot. 

HP scanners also come with touchscreen displays that pace up one's workflow. The prices of HP scanners varies depending on the size and features specific to the model. Generally, a high-end brand with prices to match.

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The best price of Hp Scanner in Pakistan is Rs. 51,700 and the estimated average price is Rs. 223,360.

Price List

Model Price
HP Scanjet Pro 2600 F1 Scanner Rs. 83,000
HP ScanJet Pro N4600 fnw1 Scanner Rs. 242,900
HP ScanJet Pro 3600 f1 Scanner Rs. 169,999
HP 4400i Wireless Barcode Scanner Rs. 51,750
HP Scanjet Pro 3500 F1 Flatbed Scanner Rs. 138,000
HP ScanJet Pro 2600 f1 Scanner Rs. 87,900
HP ScanJet Enterprise Flow 5000 S5 Scanner Rs. 254,999
HP ScanJet Pro 2500 F1 Flatbed Scanner Rs. 94,990
HP ScanJet Pro - 3600 f1 Scanner Rs. 204,900
Hp ScanJet Pro - 3500 f1 Scanner Rs. 148,900