Huawei Watch Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Huawei Watch in Pakistan is Rs. 25,499 and estimated average price is Rs. 44,630.


Huawei's watch range can make your life more convenient. This device lets you see notifications without having to take out your smartphone. It is packed with many features, including the health-related ones that people seek today. The price of a Huawei watch depends on the exact model, some are affordable while others are in the expensive range.

Pros & Cons


  • Convenience

  • Good style factor

  • Quality build

  • Interchangeable bands

  • Helps save smartphone battery


  • Battery life not consistent

  • Vibration motor a bit weak

  • Accessories are expensive


Huawei's Logical Step Towards Watches

Wearable tech has become a new need; given this Huawei has also made devices for this category. Their range includes watches that help you keep an easy eye on your notification and even feed you information about your health.

The Different Watches & Features by Huawei

Some Huawei watches have features which are only available with them, such as on the Huawei Band series the screen bit can be taken out and used as an in-ear hands-free device. It does add some bulk to the overall size, but this is a very innovative idea.

Other features have the health-related readings, such as heart rate, steps taken and sleep trackers that let you know what the quality of your sleep was over the night. One can also set milestones regarding their health so they are improving on it.

The look of Huawei watches retain the classic feel with the bezel and a brushed finish. The straps are comfortable. You can opt for a sporty looking watch as well; this gives one variety to choose from. The screens are based on OLED or AMOLED technology, so the visual quality is crisp and easily legible.

The front is protected with Gorilla Glass so in case you drop your Huawei watch it has a lot more chances of survival. The devices also have a phone locator which makes your smartphone beep even when it is set on silent; as long as you are tethered via Bluetooth and are in range.

Other Options

Some of the Huawei watches are all you need to stay in touch, they have space for an eSIM and 4GB of space. This allows you to connect to the 4G network without needing a smartphone, letting one make calls and reply to messages or stream music even.

This is an all in one device which can be used in many ways.


The battery times vary with some that are active up till 2 weeks, this time varies a lot based on one's usage.

The prices of Huawei watches vary, there are some that are cheap such as in the Huawei Band line, while others cost a lot more.

Price List

Model Price
Huawei Watch 3 Rs. 69,599
Huawei Watch GT2 - 46mm Rs. 31,900
Huawei Elegant Women's 44mm Smartwatch Rose Gold … Rs. 46,499
HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro Rs. 41,900
Huawei Elegant Women's 44mm Smartwatch Rose Gold … Rs. 50,499
Huawei Watch GT 2e Rs. 28,000
Huawei Watch GT 2 46mm 14 Days Working Fitness Tr… Rs. 31,999
Huawei Watch GT Smartwatch Saddle Brown Leather S… Rs. 28,999
Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro Smart Watch Black Rs. 38,999
Huawei Watch GT 3 (46mm) Rs. 51,999
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