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The best price of Hush Puppies in Pakistan is Rs. 1,295 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,821.


The comfortable brand, Hush Puppies has proprietary footwear technology focused on this purpose. Making shoes for all that are cushioned well and high in quality, lasting a good while. The design variety is extensive as well, letting people have many options to pick from. Hush Puppies shoes are available at a lower-end price point making them accessible to more, without compromising on quality.

Pros & Cons


  • Superior comfort

  • Competitive pricing


The brand Hush Puppies

A brand known for its comfort, Hush Puppies are known all over the world with a presence in over 120 countries. A brand based in America and owned by Wolverine Worldwide, which also owns a dozen other brands including the rights to produce shoes under the Caterpillar and Harley-Davidson label. As mentioned in 'The Tipping Point' by Malcolm Gladwell, when the sales of their shoes dropped to 30,000 units a year in 1994, Hush Puppies suddenly became 'hip'. Young people in Manhattan started buying them up and in the fall of 1995 John Bartlett, Anna Sui and Joel Fitzpatrick featured them with their clothes. After which they started turning up on the feet of celebrities including Jim Carrey, Sharon Stone, Tom Hanks, Sylvester Stallone, Denis Rodman and Princess Diana. Hush Puppies claimed to be the creators of the casual style shoe, bridging the gap between formal shoes and sneakers back in the 1950s. In Pakistan, Hush Puppies are produced under license from Wolverine Worldwide by Firhaj Footwear based in Karachi; which is a subsidiary of Umer Group of Companies.

Hush Puppies range in Pakistan

For men there are is a full variety that they can pick from, from formal occasions to slippers for the home. The segments include formal, moccasins, athleisure, sandals and slippers. Hush Puppies shoes are a mix of design formats as well, with plain shoes or shoes with broguing and woven leather. With laces or slip-on shoes and other shoes that have a cross buckle. The brand has also collaborated with one of the known local fashion designers, Munib Nawaz. Together they have produced a line of more high-end stylish shoes for formal occasions and parties.

The women's segment is just as detailed and full of options. Women can choose from heels, wedges, sandals, flats, pumps, slippers and athleisure. The designs vary enough for everyone to pick something from, with plain shoes, shoes with embellishments and others with patterns. Hush Puppies also has a small range of accessories that include wallets, socks and items for shoe care.

Materials and Hush Puppies technologies

Working with the usual range of materials including leather, synthetics and fabrics. Between these materials the brand is able to produce a large range of shoes, making for ample options. Customers can scour through the collection to find a finish they like. Hush Puppies has specialised technologies for which they hold patents, all these are designed for the shoes to be optimised and made more comfortable. 'The Body Shoe' is developed for flexibility, comfort and a casual spirit. Providing a balanced natural motion. 'Weather SMART' technology is to make the shows waterproof, with a unique gel-infused heel for extra cushioning. The 'Wave Reflex' sole is made of specifically flexible rubber for oxford shoes so they are more comfortable as well. 'Zero G' as the name implies is for shoes that are light and breathable, with slip-resistant soles, perfect for a long day of work. Their 'Deep Comfort' tech is a unique design for the foot-bed to be extra soft.

For a more active feel 'Bounce' is shoe design that helps release more energy with every step. It absorbs and redistributes the shock, making for more bounce directed into your steps. With 'HPO2 Flex' Hush Puppies added foam into three different key areas of the shoe to aid the motion and form of the foot, this helps reduce pressure on the walk. 'Comfort Fusion' is a newer method of combining a lighter outsole directly to the upper for a smooth fit. For a footbed that moulds to the foot better they made a line that houses 'Bio Bevel'. This evenly distributes the weight and has climate control lining to keep the inside comfortable. 'Inner Soft' is designed for people spending extensive hours on their feet, streamlined construction mixed with supportive cushioning where it is needed most.

Hush Puppies has one basic tenet, comfort. All these technologies have been worked on for that purpose. The design factor comes after, also something they are not skimping on. Making shoes one could wear at multiple points, yet still be comfortable. The Hush Puppies range has a varied price point but generally a competitively priced brand. Another interesting fact about the brand is their interest in charity, combined with AKHUWAT they are asking people to donate shoes for others who cannot afford comfortable shoes while they toil away in a life of manual labour.

Price List

Model Price
Sweater-HWWB1122004 Rs. 7,999
Peshawari Zalmi (W1) - Black Rs. 2,499
JL-FD-MC-02 Rs. 5,499
HP-BY-SP-005 Rs. 5,999
Button Down-HWMF322002 Rs. 3,499
BY-SD-KRX-1 Rs. 4,499
Graphic Tee-HWWF122002 Rs. 2,499
HP-KG-SD-002 Rs. 2,999
Sperry Gavin Rs. 3,999
Blake KC Rs. 5,999
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