Igora Hair Color Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Igora Hair Color in Pakistan is Rs. 1,675 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,786.


The long-lasting and intense colour results are signatures to the Igora's mild on the skin formula design. ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) has certified the Igora products as the best colourisation treatment for those who have rigid allergies. Women and men who have been struggling to colour their hair with regular store-bought hair colour will benefit from the Igora hair colour products.


Sensitive Hair Care

Igora Royal Senea hair color is by Schwarzkopf Professional brand that is an oxidative hair colouration dye. It is especially for the delicate scalp that feels stressed because of chemical-heavy hair dye. The Igora treatment will cover 90% white hair with their wide range of Natural Shades and can cover up to 40% white hair with their Fashion Shades range. The results are professional in-salon service standard and easy to use at home. The unique SensoCalm Technology ensures the scalp feels comforted and pampered by directly creating a colour formula with a soothing plant extract taken from Boerhavia Diffusa mixed in with specifically selected dyestuffs.

Colour Results

The soothing agent called Monoethanolamine in the dye is an alkalizing Boerhavia Diffusa that is rich in hydroxybenzoic compounds. The plant is well known for its soothing properties and can restore the softness of scalp. The Hydroxyethyl-phenylenediamine Sulfate (HEP) is oxidative which ensures the hair colour is permanent and long-lasting, suitable for all skin types and especially compatible with sensitive skin types. The formula is ammonia-free which protects the skin from any unnecessary chemical damage. The formula allows the cuticle layers of the hair to swell and open up, this is a direct result of the alkalizing agents in the dye. Then the hydrogen peroxide will lighten the natural pigment called Melanin in the hair and the oxidative colour is formed on the surface of the hair. Because there is no absolute guarantee that hair colour will suit your scalp, hair experts recommend doing a 24-hour allergy test before applying it on all of your hair. As there is no such thing as a permanent oxidative colour that is non-allergic. Allergies can be triggered by artificial and natural ingredients depending on your skin type making it imperative that consumers perform an allergy test before full hair application. 

Price List

Model Price
Schwarzkopf Igora Fashion Light Hair Colour Red L… Rs. 1,675
Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Hair Color 9-00 Extra Lig… Rs. 1,800
Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Fashion Light Hair Color … Rs. 1,700
Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Hair Colour, 9,5-4 Pastel… Rs. 1,800
Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Absolutes Silver White Ha… Rs. 1,900
Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Hair Color 5-6 Light Brow… Rs. 1,800
Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Hair Color 9-55 Extra Lig… Rs. 1,800
Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Hair Color 9-1 Extra Ligh… Rs. 1,800
Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Hair Color 5-57 Light Bro… Rs. 1,800
Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Hair Color 5-65 Light Bro… Rs. 1,800
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