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The best price of Ikea in Pakistan is Rs. 800 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,283.


Ikea is the largest furniture brand in the world, with a great reputation in the market. They have products that have lasted for decades. Their catalogue is extensive, with all sorts of home and office related furniture, lights and more. It has the potential to be a one-stop-shop when setting up a new space. The prices at Ikea vary, depending on the item one is buying. Generall, from a higher to mid-price range brand.


The Ikea brand

There are barely any furniture brands that have the international recognition and repute that Ikea enjoys. Started in Sweden, by a then 17-year-old Feodor Ingvar Kamprad in 1943. The first items were replicas of his Uncle's kitchen table, only available by mail order. Over time more products were added, many stores were opened and today Ikea has a vast catalogue that includes almost all items needed to set up a home or office. From kitchenware to all kinds of lamps and stools. The catalogue is regularly added to and items not doing well are dropped, keeping production lean. One could, essentially, set up a whole space by just shopping at Ikea. From the lighting to the rugs.

Ikea products

A lot of aluminium, medium-density fibreboard and plywood are used in the base construction of their furniture. All of their furniture is bought in boxes and has to be assembled by the customer. The design of Ikea products is similar to the general minimalistic feel from the Nordic countries. With functionality being one of the key components along with its simplicity, a big hit in the 1920s and has continuously grown with more of the world absorbing this style. Over the years as Ikea has grown they also take into account cultural differences in the spaces people occupy and tailor their furniture according to the various markets.

Staying current with the times Ikea has incorporated smart devices. With a wireless charger built into some of their furniture, chargers that are Qi ready so any gadget that is Qi-certified can make use of it. With partnerships that include Sonos for audio integration and with Phillips Hue for lighting that is WiFi controlled.

Ikea's quality is unparalleled, their items are from a higher mid-range but are built to last. Some of their items have such a great reputation they have been in production for decades. One prime example is the 'Poäng' armchair, a unit of which Kamprad owned himself for a long 32 years.


Ikea is the largest furniture producer of the world since 2008, they consume 1% of all the commercial-wood in the world making it the largest user of wood among retailers. Most of their holdings are under a not for profit structure. Ikea has a lot of different models in place for sustainability, making them one of the most environmentally friendly brands of our time.

The price range at Ikea varies, some items could be expensive while others are from a mid-range. The products are worth their prices, as most would last a long time with minimal care.

Price List

Model Price
IKEA MORKRADD Night Light - Pack of 2 Rs. 1,249
IKEA Shower Curtain - White - Water Repellent Rs. 1,349
IKEA Uplight - Floor Lamp - Black With White Shade Rs. 9,999
IKEA Door mat, Dark blue & Brown Rs. 899
IKEA TARNO Chair, Outdoor, Foldable - Easy to Fol… Rs. 4,500
IKEA KAVALKAD Saucepan, Set of 3, Black Rs. 5,450
IKEA FORNUFT Teaspoon, stainless steel Rs. 1,200
IKEA MOLGER Trolley, Birch, 33x47x76 cm Rs. 12,000
DAGOTTO Foot-rest, black Rs. 8,959
IKEA FRISKHET Scented Candle In Glass, Pure Sky B… Rs. 1,700
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