Ingco Vacuum Cleaner Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Ingco Vacuum Cleaner in Pakistan is Rs. 13,332 and estimated average price is Rs. 34,500.


Ingco Vacuum Cleaners come in different sizes as well as differences in power. There are also options for battery powered Ingco Vacuum Cleaners that are portable. Which one you choose is a matter of your needs.


The Ingco brand has multiple options for vacuum cleaners that one can choose from. The differences are mostly in size and power.

The largest is a 75 litre one, followed by 30 litres and then a 12 litre one. These are all vacuums that can handle wet and dry both. This is very useful if one has such conditions to care for, especially commercial spaces.

The smaller one is a 2.5 litre vacuum from Ingco that is easy to manoeuvre, ideal for apartments or other spaces with lesser storage. Ingco Vacuum Cleaners also come in battery versions that are portable. This is a very useful feature as one could take them outdoors with ease and clean things such as their car.

The Ingco Vacuum Cleaner with batteries are in two sizes, oen is a 20 litre capacity one while the other is a smaller 0.7 litre handheld vacuum. The battery and charger have to be bought separately, so one has to keep this in mind when taking into consideration the costing for either.

All the different options come with accessories that let you conenct different heads at the end of your pipe. A lot of the options also have a HEPA filter for extra cleaning abilities. 

Price List

Model Price
INGCO Pressure washer 1500W(Indu... Rs. 37,999
Ingco Wet & Dry Vacuum Clean... Rs. 33,500
Ingco Robotic vacuum cleaner(Gyroscope style) Rs. 59,999
Ingco Wet & Dry Vacuum Clean... Rs. 29,850
Ingco Vacuum Cleaner 2000W Rs. 42,799
Ingco Wet & Dry Vacuum Clean... Rs. 27,999
Ingco 1300W Vacuum cleaner Wet & Dry 30L Rs. 41,899
INGCO Vacuum Cleaner – VC20258 – Karachi Only Rs. 24,315
INGCO Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (Gy... Rs. 45,999
Ingco 2 In 1 Vacuum Cleaner And Aspirator Blower … Rs. 13,332
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