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The best price of Innovative Biscuits in Pakistan is Rs. 110 and estimated average price is Rs. 177.


Innovative Biscuits are a popular Pakistani snacks brand that offers premium biscuits, wafers and chocolates for children and adults. The ingredients are organic that are ethically sourced for production. All Innovative Biscuits follow healthy food safety regulations, display all dietary information on the packaging and meet religious requirements and criteria of being Halal.


The Innovative Biscuits products are available in small single-serving packs with one or two biscuits, a buddy pack to share between 2 to 4 people and a larger family pack to accommodate 5 to 10 people. The wholesale packs for smaller individually wrapped packets are also available that make it easy to store the biscuits at home without worrying about them going stale. 

Digestive Biscuit

Digestive is a healthy and hearty biscuit made from whole wheat flour and brown sugar that has healthier ingredients as compared to white flour and sugar. These biscuits do not have any artificial colours or flavours making them ideal for breakfast and between meals as the calories are less and the nutritional value is higher as compared to sweet biscuits snacks.

Butter Crunch

The crisp and crunchy texture of the Butter Brunch biscuit is for those who would like rich butter mixed into oats. The high fibre plus butter make an excellent energy-boosting combination for children and adults to have with their milk or tea.

Energy Biscuits

Jumbo Junior is an energy biscuit designed for young children who would benefit from a serving of milk, glucose and calcium. These biscuits have all the essential nutrients needed to build strong bones and muscles in children. They make a great energy booster for students during lunch and offer support to stay focused at school the whole day.


The creamy rich wafers by Innovative Biscuits are very popular as they have various flavours including Chocolate, Strawberry, Orange and Vanilla. Their wafers are called Crust and Frisky. They are filled with a smooth filling and have a crisp bite making them lightweight as a sweet treat. Frisky has a triple layer cream layer that makes it an incredibly rich wafer.

Choc n Chips

Premium chocolate chip cookies with real bits, the Choc n Chips biscuit are a fun traditional cookie loved by children and adults.

Sweet & Salty

The classic egg and milk biscuits are popularly had at tea time in Pakistan. The Goodie biscuit uses rich eggs and milk ingredients to create a smooth, balanced biscuit that is not too sweet or salty. The Peanut Biscuits have roasted peanuts that are also a balanced flavour of the sweet and salty ideal to dip into chai and have as an evening snack. The premium salty biscuit is called Zeera that is cumin seeds. These are savoury biscuits by Innovative Biscuits that are paired with chai as a light snack inspired by traditional Pakistani cuisine.

Price List

Model Price
Inovative Butter Crunch Biscuit - Pack Of 12 Rs. 110
Inovative Jumbo Junior Energy Biscuits 24 Ticky P… Rs. 200
Inovative Peanut Crunchy Roasted Peanut Biscuits … Rs. 200
Inovative Digestive Delicious Wheat Biscuits 24 T… Rs. 200
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