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The best price of Instant Geyser in Pakistan is Rs. 11,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 17,721.


The convenience of turning on a tap and having hot water almost right then is rare; an instant geyser makes this possible. These geysers come with electric or gas-based heating systems. The instant geyser takes up lesser space and is simpler to install. Prices vary depending on the size and brand, but generally a more economic solution to one's hot water need.

Pros & Cons


  • Energy saving


Simplicity in function

Instant geysers work based on a simple mechanism, once the tap is turned on the water flow is detected and the burner ignites automatically. The water passes through smaller pipes that are above the flame and come out hot. The electronic control unit (ECU) is responsible for the management of internal systems, it also handles the safety features and will cut off the gas in case there is a problem.

Advantages of instant geysers

The ability to get in the shower and have hot water right then, instead of having to wait is the biggest plus. Unlike the storage geysers, instant geysers can put out a lot more hot water. Essentially till the tap is open the geyser will keep heating. With electric versions of the instant geyser, there is a limitation set so the geyser doesn't get damaged. The plus with the electric one is that they can be installed inside the bathroom, gas ones need to be installed outside so there is ventilation and the danger of gas is minimised. Instant gas geysers save energy by being in use only when needed, the storage geysers have to maintain temperature even when the water isn't in use. When the temperature drops in the storage tank the geyser turns on to reheat it. Instant geysers are also more compact, making them ideal for smaller homes as well. Geysers with higher star ratings also have lesser CO2 emissions.

Gas-based instant geysers are a lot cheaper to run than their electric counterparts. The possible disadvantage with the gas ones is that low levels of gas could mean you do not have hot water. These geysers need a battery for the spark that ignites the flames. Available in many different brands the instant geyser is a convenient solution to the luxury of hot water. Different brands are available at varied price ranges. Make sure installation is done right as gas leaks are cause for grave danger. Well known brands include Rinnai, Bosch, Canon, Nasgas, Boss and Super Asia.

Price List

Model Price
Super Asia Instant Geyser GH108DI Rs. 22,800
Super Asia Instant Geyser GH110 Rs. 24,200
Welcome WIG-6 Litre Gas Instant Geyser Rs. 14,800
Crown 7 Litter Instant Water Heater IG-8B- metall… Rs. 14,201
Super Asia 06ltr Instant Gas Geyser GH-506 Rs. 13,660
Hanco 7 Litre Instant Water Heater Imported – Nat… Rs. 13,500
Super Asia 08ltr Instant Gas Geyser GH-108 Rs. 13,660
Welcome Instant Geyser - 6Ltr Rs. 14,800
Instant Electric Water Geyser Ke Sie 50Cl Supreme Rs. 15,400
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