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Intercoms are communication systems used within in one premise. This helps people communicate with others on the same premises without having to make calls that they would need to pay bills for. The cost is a one-time investment. The price of an intercom depends on the kind it is and how many communication nodes it has.



A communication system that operates independently of the phone line. An intercom is used within an office building or residence to talk to people in different parts of the premises. For work, this makes communication within the office simpler and is not costly in the long run as one would be paying bills for all the internal calls they make. This is also why they are present in other places such as studios or theatre halls. It makes for effective and fast communication.

For offices, there are also exchange systems that are used to connect outside calls to the relevant intercom extension. Aside from that these same systems also function as intercoms for internal use.

In homes, intercoms are more often used for security. A device is installed outside the house and one can ring that instead of the doorbell. Today the doorbell comes fitted with an intercom system and a lot of models even have a small camera through which one can see who is at the door, adding an effective layer of security. Some apartment buildings can have one console with buttons for each apartment marked so guests can ring the apartment they are trying to reach. 


One can also find wireless intercom systems today. There are plenty of variations in features so on can choose something that fits their environment specifically. 

The price of an intercom system depends on what kind it is and how many nodes it has. If you have 50 rooms to cater to instead of 5 it would cost you a lot more as there would be a lot more nodes.

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