Inverter Deep Freezer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Inverter Deep Freezer in Pakistan is Rs. 45,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 73,295.


An inverter deep freezer is a larger stand-alone freezer that is used in homes and commercial enterprises as well. It has a lot more space to pile in food for freezing, keeping the food preserved for extended periods. The inverter technology helps one save electricity when using their deep freezer which generally consumes a lot of. The price of an inverter deep freezer is in the mid to high end.

Pros & Cons


  • Larger storage

  • Energy saving


  • Takes up space

  • hard to get food out from bottom of pile


Inverter deep freezer

Deep freezers generally take a lot of electricity to run, an inverter deep freezer helps one achieve the same results but with 50% less power consumption; making it a way more ideal purchase.

An inverter deep freezer can be used to store large amounts of food for extended periods. It is generally used for meats and has lesser shelves or adjustable compartments. This is due to the fact that it maximises on its large space. One needs to manually defrost an inverter deep freezer as ice accumulates over time when it is kept running.

The temperature inside can be adjusted according to the weather conditions one is living in. The inside also has a light that turns on when you open your freezer. 


An inverter deep freezer is like a large chest which is why deep freezers are also called chest freezers. The outside is generally made from a plastic shell and the inside is made from the rust-free EMBO sheet. Most are plain colours, with white being the most common option.


A lot of brands produce inverter deep freezers, with Dawlance and Haier being the known options in Pakistan. There are different sizes available and one can choose based on what their personal needs are.

The price of an inverter deep freezer is in the mid ranges, making it a relatively affordable purchase. In comparison to a regular deep freezer, the prices are in similar ranges, making an inverter deep freezer the better choice as it will help save money on your electric bill.

Price List

Model Price
Dawlance Inverter Vertical Freezer VF 1035 GD 267… Rs. 82,800
Dawlance DF-300 Deep Freezer Single Door Inverter Rs. 63,400
Dawlance Deep Freezer 91998 Signature Inverter Rs. 80,200
Dawlance DF 300 Deep Freezer Single Door Inverter… Rs. 71,200
Gaba National GND-17000 25 x 54" Single Door Inve… Rs. 61,950
Gaba National (GND-14000-17-T) Twin Door Inverter… Rs. 64,980
Haier Inverter Deep Freezer – HDF-405 Rs. 69,495
HAIER Deep Freezer HDF-545 Double Door INVERTER Rs. 86,999
Dawlance Deep Freezer 91998 Signature Inverter Rs. 80,200
PEL Deep Freezer PDINT70 -130 Arctic Inverter on Rs. 55,900
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