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The Apple iPad Pro 10.5 is a large tablet from the brand. It is powerful and was made with future software updates in mind. As with previous iPads it has a great display and smooth processing. This one also has a keyboard that can be attached and one can make use of the Apple Pencil. Apple has added functions so this is a step between tablets and laptops, making it a more versatile iteration of their iPad series. The price of the iPad Pro 10.5 is high.

Pros & Cons


  • Amazing audio

  • Smooth and crisp screen

  • Very powerful


  • Keyboard is necessary but extra

  • Still not quite a laptop replacement


Apple Inc.

The brand that started the smartphone revolution, Apple has been at the forefront of technology since personal computers were a hit in the late 80s. It is one of the largest tech firms around today, at one point Apple had more cash than the US Government. This lead was for a brief moment but still is a testament to their size. Apple is known for its simple designs and user-friendly interfaces. From personal computers, over the years Apple has expanded into other areas of tech-related to hardware and software both. Aside from their own software platforms, Apple owns Shazam which it bought in September 2018. Apple also runs online services called AppleTV and Apple Arcade. Apple's iPads have been a success for the brand as well, with many iterations over the years.

The iPad Pro 10.5

Released in 2017 this device was way more powerful than anything in the market at that time. It was made ready for a software update that was to be released in 2020, that is how much of a power difference was built into it. Anyone who purchased it has the iPadOS 14 waiting down the line. The design of this device is similar to the others, a round-edged metal body. With this model, there is a port that attaches a keyboard on and even with that attached it doesn't take up much space in one's bag. Long term handheld usage is also comfortable. 

The build is top quality, as with all premium Apple products. The buttons are snappy and satisfying to click.


Perhaps the larges feature and one often talked about as Apple makes great displays for all their various devices. The 10.5 inch is one of the best displays of any tablet in the market, with a wider colour range, brightness and overall sharpness. The display resolution is at 1668 x 2224 pixels, which is how Apple has maintained the crispness despite the larger size.

This display also has ProMotion, a feature that is essentially designed to save battery life. It senses what the user is looking at and changes the refresh rate based on that, so if one is looking at a static image the refresh rate is lowered and if one is watching a video or laying a game it is bumped back to a higher setting to make the visuals smooth.

TrueTone is present too. This compensates for external light conditions and changes how the display looks. This is seemingly useless until one turns it off and sees how the iPad looks in various light conditions. Apple has also increased its antireflective properties on the surface of the screen, this combined with the higher brightness makes for comfortable movie watching even in the sun.


The speakers on the iPad Pro 10.5 are impressive. The large sound is achieved by larger resonation chambers that allow the audio to create a deeper, more rich sound. This is an advantage as the sound is a lot louder compared to previous models meaning one can easily watch movies without their headphones or an external Bluetooth speaker. These speakers are, of course, not as loud as a Bluetooth speaker but for a tablet, they pack a lot of power.


Built with a 12MP sensor that has optical image stabilization on the back. The aperture is at f/1.8. On the front, the camera is at 7MP. The flash on the front is the screen, which can be blinding as it is huge but the resulting pictures are well lit.

The camera on the iPad Pro is more for video calls than taking pictures. Also, the clarity helps if one is using it to take a snapshot to scan an image or text. There is a great tool to edit images, which may be complex for regular users who can just make use of the simpler functions that they are used to. 

Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil

These peripherals for the iPad Pro 10.5 are available separately. The Smart Keyboard is full, similar to a standard keyboard. One can use it with the iPad on their lap too, without it toppling over. This is an important add-on for people who may be using this device for work tasks. 

The iPad Pro 10.5 has improved latency on their interface which makes the Apple Pencil work even better. Compared to the functionality the Microsoft Surface Pro has with its Surface Pen, the Apple Pencil is simple. It can be used only on the screen and does not have any buttons for 'home'. As a tool it is useful for people who want to do drawing, design and editing work.


The battery really depends on how you use this device. It is a tablet that is also designed to function kind of like a laptop not as much as the Surface series from Microsoft though. If you arent using it much the battery will easily see you through the week on standby. But using it with regular tasking and switching between apps it drops faster. Using the Apple iPad Pro 10.5 as a work base means you will get 6-7 hours out of it before it needs to be charged again.

One also has to take into account the size of this iPad, with a screen this size the battery drain is a natural occurrence. Despite that the ProMotion feature combined with the A10X chipset the battery management is efficient. 


This iPad variant was a move for Apple in the range of 2-in-1 devices. Adding functions that are similar to a laptop so it can be used for more purposes. It has been used as a middle device more than a replacement for a laptop. For instance, if you are travelling and your work is the kind that can be managed off this tablet, that is great as it will save you quite a bit of space. The keyboard and stylus can add that edge you may be looking for.

The price of the iPad Pro 10.5 is from the high end, it is a premium device from a premium brand

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