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The best price of Iron Stand in Pakistan is Rs. 165 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,540.


Clothes can be ironed on a hard surface like the floor or a tabletop but using a stand makes it faster and easier. Iron boards or stands come in a variety of designs and styles and are made out of various materials. You can get the best price in Pakistan for iron stands online by visiting the featured sites on this page. Also, there is a multitude of iron stand designs and ideas that you can find on our site. If you would also like to buy clothes iron, check out Philips, National and Steam irons by multiple brands.


Iron Stand Types

Ironing stands are available in a variety of materials, designs and types. These include foldable, wall-mounted, stand with multiple storages, wooden, wrought iron ones or plastic stands. 

1. Foldable Iron Stand

The foldable stands are the most convenient to use and can be placed anywhere inside homes. Since they can be folded up and stored under the bed or in a closet, they don't take much space and can be installed whenever the need be. The top of the stands is upholstered with heat resistant padding and cover. Some foldable variety comes without the padding or cover but features a heat resistant finish. Foldable stands are also adjustable and can be adjusted according to the user's height or comfort level. Foldable stands can be made out of iron, wrought iron, wood or durable plastic and are one of the cheapest types of iron stands available in Pakistan.

2. Wood Iron Stand

Wood never goes out of trend and is the top choice for home furniture worldwide. Iron stands made out of wood are considered extremely robust and durable. Since wood is a poor conductor of heat, it doesn't get hot and even if it does it cools down in no time making it a good choice for placing hot iron. Some wooden iron tables or stands come with a small rectangle piece of marble or other heat resistant stone for placing a hot iron between intervals. 

3. Wall-Mounted Iron Stand

Some people like to mount ironing stands on the wall for easier storage and to preserve space. These stands can be folded with the help of hinges on the wall while not in use. 

4. Iron Stand with Multiple Storage

A chest of drawers with the top that can be used as an ironing stand. This variety comes with multiple storage compartments in one stand and is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used to iron clothes as well as store a lot of stuff. 

Iron stand prices in Pakistan vary depending on the type and seller but the majority of the good quality ones come in the expensive category. The lightweight foldable variety is the least expensive and doesn't even take up much space. But if you care about aesthetics and space or budget is not an issue, wooden stands with a chest of drawers are your best bet. They enhance the look of any space as wood looks sophisticated and a chest of drawers always gives an antique and tasteful touch to the decor.

Price List

Model Price
Iron Stand with four equal Storage sections with … Rs. 12,690
Iron Board Iron Table Foldable Adjustable Iron St… Rs. 2,250
Golden Bird Cage Candlestick Metal Candle Stand R… Rs. 1,856
Iron Stand with multiple Storage sections Rs. 10,590
Iron Stand with four equal Storage sections with … Rs. 12,690
Brilliant 3-Layer Plate Set, With Iron Stand, BR0… Rs. 4,750
Candle Stand Iron Golden ZA09-27 Rs. 3,490
Folding Iron Stand with Storage Cabinet Rs. 15,550
Oval Cast Iron Karahi Sizzling Dish with Stand Rs. 3,250
Iron Stand Folding With Storage Cabinet & Wheels … Rs. 14,500
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