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The best price of J. perfume in Pakistan is Rs. 130 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,095.


J. by Junaid Jamshed houses is a line of scents to be worn by men and women. The range is diverse with multiple options. Available at competitive prices making them widely accessible.



Junaid Jamshed is one of the first Pakistani fashion houses to start a line of scents to wear with a brand under the name 'J.'. Comprising a range of variety for women and men with enough options for everyone to be able to find something they like including body sprays, attar and colognes/perfumes.

A range of many tones

Covering a wide array of smells separated by their characteristics from floral ones for summer to aromatic slightly herbal scents for general wear. Some J. perfumes are woody and rustic while others are musky, if your nose appreciates things not too sweet-smelling. Mixed in with some of the spicy kind if you like a hint of tingle in your daily scent. With complex tones mixed together from flowers, fruits, herbs, resins and roots to give you a sensory experience to carry with you. Falling in multiple categories at times and changing a little from when you initially sprayed it till it has mixed in with your pheromones as the day progresses.

Competitive pricing

The J. perfumes line has achieved a comparable level of scents with any other brand but also within a relatively accessible budget for all.

Price List

Model Price
Junaid Jamshed - 1947 | DIL PAKISTAN Rs. 7,500
Junaid Jamshed WARRIOR POUR HOMME 100ml Rs. 18,000
Junaid Jamshed Marine Perfume 100ml Rs. 9,020
Junaid Jamshed Sher Dil Perfume For Men - 100ml Rs. 7,500
Junaid Jamshed Blossom Perfume For Women 50ml - I… Rs. 4,347
Junaid Jamshed Monte Carlo, Pour Homme, Fragrance… Rs. 2,900
Junaid Jamshed - Moon Light Perfume For Women Rs. 4,500
Junaid Jamshed Peach Sanitizer Spray For Women - … Rs. 1,219
Junaid Jamshed Mirage Perfume Body Spray, 200ml Rs. 500
Junaid Jamshed Prestige Perfume For Women 75ml - … Rs. 4,635
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