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The best price of Jaguar Stance in Pakistan is Rs. 3,240 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,185.


From a fancy car brand to a fragrance maker, Jaguar has done well in both cases. The label has put out a lot of scents over the years, with Jaguar Stance coming out in 2018. This cologne is amber and woody, meaning it has a warmer, more musky scent to it. Other tones include spice, aromatics and earth. It was created by the legend, Michel Almairac. An affordable option, Jaguar Stance is a good product as far as value goes.


Jaguar has been one of the leading luxury car brands for decades. Aside from this, the brand also has a range of fragrances under its big-cat logo. There are a lot of options and over the years many of them have done well in the more affordable segment of fragrances. Jaguar Stance is a cologne from 2018 that has notes of amber, woody and spicy line.

Jaguar Stance

A masculine scent that has been created with a host of tones. The top notes are cardamom, black pepper, apple, mandarin orange and nutmeg. This gives it a spicy start with a bit of freshness and fruit. The cardamom also adds in a sweet kind of resinous aroma.

For the heart notes, there is vetiver, cashmere wool, patchouli and cedar. The heart layer brings in the and earthy green, spice, musk and wood notes. The base layer has vanilla, musk, amber, moss and papyrus. A strong base that helps root all the other notes well. Adding in warmth, musk and strong woody notes; with a slight smokey hint from papyrus as well.

The sillage and staying power of Jaguar Stance are both in the moderate to higher ranges. This is good as it can cover one with a good scent for a larger portion of the day.


This is not a stand out cologne, but it is ideal for younger men and is also a good choice for regular usage. The price is also affordable making it easier to use daily.

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Model Price
Jaguar Stance EDT 100ml (Men) Rs. 4,200
Jaguar Stance EDT 100ml (Men) Rs. 5,115
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