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The best price of Janssen Face Scrub in Pakistan is Rs. 5,495 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,315.


Janssen Facial Scrubs come in mild and intensive variety. They are great peeling and exfoliating solutions that can be used by both men and women. The prices of Janssen Face Scrub in Pakistan are in the mid to upper range. 


Janssen Mild Face Scrub

The German skincare brand incorporates small abrasive particles containing jojoba wax into its mild scrub range. Using the scrub cream on dull-looking skin can help get rid of the dead skin layer revealing smooth and glowing skin underneath. The scrub is to be massaged on freshly cleansed and damp face and neck. Massage in circular motions till the dead skin layer is exfoliated and then wash off with water.

Janssen Intensive Face Scrub

This is a high performing exfoliator that has finely ground peach kernels and macadamia oil. The intensive face scrub is designed for demanding skin that requires stronger exfoliation. It has an abrasive effect on the skin and peels the dead layer off, rejuvenating the skin. The result is a healthier-looking and glowing skin with a smooth texture. 

Pro Tips

Use Janssen Face Scrubs once or twice per week depending on your skin needs. Make sure to moisturize the skin well after scrubbing to prevent it from getting dehydrated or overly dry. Since scrubbing and peeling the skin makes it more sensitive to UV rays, it is best to apply a good broad-spectrum sunscreen before going out during the day.  


While facial scrubs do remove the dead skin cells and make the skin appear smoother, they can create micro-tears on the skin that can cause inflammation, infection, ageing and enlarged pores in the long run. An exfoliant without scrubbing granules is a better option.

Price List

Model Price
Janssen Intensive Face Scrub 200ml Rs. 6,813
Janssen -intensive face scrub 200ml Rs. 7,290
Janssen Intensive Face Scrub 200 ML Rs. 7,400
Janssen Cosmetics Dry Skin Mild Face Rub 200ml Rs. 7,100
Janssen -Intensive Face Scrub 200ml Rs. 8,100
Janssen Intensive Face Scrub 200 ML Rs. 7,345
Janssen Intensive Face Scrub (200ml) Rs. 7,265
Janssen Mild Face Scrub 200ML Rs. 5,495
Janssen Cosmetics Demanding Skin Intensive Face S… Rs. 8,800
Janssen Mild Face Scrub 200 ML Rs. 5,500
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