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The best price of Janssen Facial Kit in Pakistan is Rs. 26,995 and estimated average price is Rs. 26,995.


Pakistani men and women like to take good care of their skin and frequently go to the salons and spas for special skin treatments. There is also a chunk of people who like to do their own facials at home. You will find a large number of facial kit brands in Pakistan that are great for those who like to pamper their skin themselves and prefer facials at home. Janssen is a German cosmetic brand that specializes in various skin treatments especially facial kits. The brand's facial kits are widely used in Pakistani households as well as salons and spas and are renowned for having positive effects on the skin if used regularly. Check Janssen facial kit prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for its pros and cons.

Pros & Cons


  • Hydrating

  • Rejuvenating

  • Calming & relaxing

  • Deep pore cleansing

  • Sloughs off dead cells

  • Brightening & whitening


  • Widely counterfeited

  • Little value for money

  • Can only target minor skin issues


Janssen facial kits are also bought in bulk for salon use and there are special wholesale markets and dealers across Pakistan. You can also easily buy Janssen facial kits online in Pakistan at varying prices as the most convenient way of shopping.

Janssen Whitening Facial Kit

The basic Janssen facial kit contains the items mentioned below. Follow these basic facial kit steps for the best results.

1. Brightening Face Cleanser

Apply a dollop of the brightening face cleanser on the entire face and neck and massage in circular motions to loosen up dirt and debris on the skin. If the cleanser dries up you can add a few drops of water to make it wet again and continue with the cleansing. Wipe off with a soft and wet cotton pad and then repeat the cleansing process once or twice to achieve the Korean way of cleansing the skin called the double-cleansing or triple cleansing to ensure the skin is squeaky clean. 

2. Brightening Face Freshener

The face freshener is basically a toner that is used to balance the skin's ph level and to even out the skin tone. It also tightens up your pores and clears any cleanser residue on the skin. Leave the toner for 3 to 5 minutes.

3. Intensive Face Scrub 

Then comes the scrubbing part that sloughs off dead skin cells and dryness from the skin. You can add some water if the scrub dries up and exfoliate the skin well to take away the dullness and reveal glowing, neat skin underneath. Wipe it off.

4. Extraction

Extract blackheads or whiteheads from the T-zone or any other part of the face. Use sanitized tools and remember to disinfect them every time you use them. Wipe skin clean and apply some toner.

5. Fair Skin Melafadin Ampule

Use the Melafadin ampule to remove skin blemishes like spots and freckles. With a brush, apply the contents of the ampule on the spot and let it sit there for 3 minutes.

6. White Secrets Brightening Night Restore Massage Cream

Massage the face and neck with the brightening massage cream in circular and upward strokes for 8 to 10 minutes. This ensures proper blood flow to the face and neck, lymphatic drainage reducing inflammation and puffiness. Wipe off and then proceed to the mask.

7. Phytogen Botanical White Mask 

Mix a little amount of this powdered mask in some water to make a paste and apply it all over your face and neck with a clean spatula. Wash off after 15 minutes and apply toner.

8. Lightening Day Protection Cream

To complete the last step of facial, apply a generous amount of Lightening Day Protection Cream all over your face and neck.

Tips & Comments

Janssen Facial Kit sale price varies depending on the vendor but they frequently go on sale. The facial kit is a great way to cleanse and moisturize your skin. It has a calming and soothing effect on your nerves and can be extremely relaxing. Janssens facial kit for oily skin is specially formulated to control the overproduction of oil and sebum in the skin. Facial kits for dry to normal skin deeply hydrate the skin, slough off dead skin cells and enhance the skin's glow.

Remember, facials are only a cosmetic way of dealing with normal skin issues like oiliness, mild acne and dry skin. For serious skin issues, always consult a dermatologist, as facials can aggravate your condition or not do anything for it at all. Janssen facial kit prices in Pakistan can be viewed online from multiple vendors here on Shopsy. 

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