Japlo Electric Breast Pump Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Japlo Electric Breast Pump in Pakistan is Rs. 18,750 and estimated average price is Rs. 19,278.


A quicker way to extract breast milk, the Japlo Electric Breast Pump makes short work of your process. The Japlo Electric Breast Pump is easy to assemble and use; made with natural silica gel.


The Japlo Electric Breast Pump is a great way to extract breast milk for storage or usage later. These kinds of breast pumps are ideal if the mother is working or if you need to store some milk while travelling.

In case of overproduction, the mother can also use the Japlo Electric Breast Pump to relieve the pressure that causes pain.

Made with natural silica gel, the Japlo Electric Breast Pump is easy to assemble and use. With a design that fits comfortably and makes sure the expression is efficient and gentle. There is a suction release button the Japlo Electric Breast Pump that makes it easy to remove and similar to how a baby does it.

A compact size means you can carry the Japlo Electric Breast Pump with ease when you are on the go, making the process even more convenient. One can store the extracted milk for the baby to feed on whenever needed. WIth the breast milk storage bags, one can also freeze it one needs it to be stored a little longer.

Price List

Model Price
Japlo Electric Breast Pump Rs. 18,750
Japlo Electric Breast Pump Rs. 18,950
Japlo Electric Pump with Microwave Sterlizer Rs. 20,135
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