Japlo Milk Storage Bag Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Japlo Milk Storage Bag in Pakistan is Rs. 2,750 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,750.


Storing a mother's milk for later consumption the right way is important. The Japlo Milk Storage Bags are designed to make this task simple and can also be kept in the freezer. The pouring lips are curved so they make it easy to pour into a cup or bottle.


The Japlo Milk Storage Bags are made with food-grade materials so they are suitable for food packaging.

One can store breast milk in these bags and they are even okay to be kept in a freezer. The pour lips are designed in a way that allows pouring to be easy. This way when you are pouring the milk into a cup or bottle there is a lot less chance of spilling and wastage.

The bottom of the Japlo Milk Storage Bags is designed to be self-standing, making placement in fridges and freezers easier. 

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Japlo Milk Storage Bags, 24-Pack Rs. 2,750
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