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The best price of Jazaa in Pakistan is Rs. 43 and estimated average price is Rs. 143.


The elegantly packed and high-quality food brand called Jazaa Foods is by the late Junaid Jamshed. The company offers traditional Pakistani and South Asian food products that include Basmati Rice, Masala Spices, Pastes, Sweet Dishes, and Vermicelli pasta. It is internationally exported to over 28 countries and can be bought online.


Product Range

Having easy to use recipe mixes ensures that mature cooks and home cooks can make complex and precise traditional foods. The essential solution to saving time and making sure you do not make any mistakes while preparing the dish. When setting the menu for a formal dinner it is important to be able to manage up to 5 to 8 dishes for one evening. To make things simple and organised the essential pastes such as Ginger Garlic, Ginger, Papaya, Onion, Garlic and Cornflour ensure that the taste is rich and texture is perfect of the curry. The important part of traditional cooking is being able to add fresh species to your dish. The spices by Jazaa foods are prepared in the optimised and hygienic conditions certified by many various authorities for their purity. They have two sizes for their spice boxes one is 50gms and the other is 100gms. The Paprika, Pink Salt, Pheni, Chaat Masala, Garam Masala are all 50gm along with the Ginger, Garlic, Black and White Pepper powder that are used for aromatic cooking. The Red Chilli powder is the large box as this is used frequently in all traditional cooking. 


The range of rice is a premium series of products by Jazaa Foods that can improve the quality of biryani and pulao for lunch and dinners at home. Economy RIce is for regular everyday usage and is medium length. The Basmati, Sela Gold Rice, Premium Basmati and Elite Basmati are all for formal dishes that require a longer bead of rice. There are also smaller bags of rice in 1kg that are easy to buy for festive occasions and larger 5kg bags for those who want to store it at home. Be sure to store your rice in a cool and dry place for extended shelf life. 

Ethnic Sweet Dishes

No dinner party is complete without the right sweet dessert after the main meal. The Jazaa Foods products include Sheer Khurma, Kheer Mix and Vermicelli known as Sawaiyaan traditionally made on holidays such as Eid or wedding festivities. For a more continental style of the desert, some jellies are easy to prepare in flavours Mango, Strawberry and Banana Jelly

Price List

Model Price
Jazaa Paprika Powder 50 Gm Rs. 110
Jazaa Strawberry Custard 250 Gm Rs. 120
Jazaa Tandoori Masala Recipe Mix 100gm Rs. 170
Jazaa White Pepper Powder - 50Gm Rs. 170
Jazaa Fish Masala 100Gm Pack Rs. 170
Jazaa Green Chilli Paste 330gm Rs. 300
Jazaa Green Chilli Paste, 330g Rs. 300
Jazaa Red Basmati Rice 1Kg Rs. 250
Jazaa Golden Sela Gold Rice 1Kg Rs. 325
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