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The best price of Johnson'S Baby Wipes in Pakistan is Rs. 600 and estimated average price is Rs. 600.


The classic Johnson's Baby Wipes are enriched with the original Johnson's Baby Lotion that will rehydrate the skin while gently moving germs and bacteria.


Johnson's Ultimate Clean Wipes are designed to be larger and thicker to absorb unwanted spills and clean any kind of food or diaper mess. The baby wipes are made with SoftWave technology that ensures the fabric is soft removing any risk of uncomfortable friction that can lead to redness, inflammation or irritation on the baby's sensitive skin. The cotton touch Johnson's Baby Wipes are extra sensitive wipes that ensure that newborns will not feel any discomfort even if the fabric comes into contact with their eyes. Made from cotton wool and water so that the baby is safe from day one of being born. 

These multipurpose wipes are excellent for removing dirt when the baby is sweating or feeling unclean. Designed to be travel-friendly they have a resealable dispenser that will lock in the wetness and moisture of the wipes for a long time. The Johnson's Baby Wipes are available in various sizes with 56 pieces and 72 pieces in one packet. The formula does not have any soap, alcohol, parabens or artificial dyes that are not suitable for sensitive baby skin. The product is internationally tested by dermatologists that have certified it as safe for baby skin. One baby wipe can moisturise the skin for up to 4 hours as it protects the skin barrier from dehydration.  

Parents can also use baby wipes for cleaning off their mess as it is suitable for all skin types. It is used by women as an effective makeup remover. The price range of affordable and cost-effective as one packet can last for several weeks. 

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