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The Jotun Paints is a giant in industrial paints, started as a marine paint company in Norway in the 1920s it is now a global paints manufacturer and distributor. When constructing any building or coating machinery, it is done to protect the surface from damage and help it remain long-lasting.


Painting the walls of your house requires careful selection of colour and high-quality coating that can help bind the paint to the walls. Jotun regularly updates their colours with over 1000 colours to choose from. They have even introduced a 128 Fenomastic Colours that are created in their expert colour laboratory. 

Painting Difficult Surfaces 

The woodwork in the home or office is an expensive renovation that needs to be protected from UV damage, water and overuse. To ensure that the wood does not fade or become dull the right quality of varnish is essential to give it a long life. The light stabilizers in the varnish minimise colour fading and prevent the wood from cracking and peeling. The low odour paint normalises quickly after drying leaving the home smelling normal in a matter of hours. It is easy to clean, fast drying and water-resistant making it durable and long-lasting.

The important part of adding these protective agents to the pigment is to form a protective barrier between the surface and the point of contact of damage. The varnish is suitable for all exterior wooden surfaces such as doors, trims, frames, trellis, fences, railing, roofs, windows and balconies. 

Exterior Colour Collections 

Each collection allows clients to experience landscapes, urban atmospheres and various themes of their choice. The colours are paired together for their tones and shades match well with each other and are pleasing to the eye based on optical science. The colour collections are called Nature, Future, Pure Contemporary, Heritage, Origins, Tropics and Icon. It is important the paint for the exterior surfaces have high plaster, enamel, emulsion and primer that can bind the paint on to concrete perfectly. 

Interior Paints Products 

The rich and beautiful colours of the Majestic series ensure that all cracks of the walls will be heavily coated and covered perfectly with Jutum interior paints. The Easy Clean feature is possible because of the water and chemical resistant paint. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents mixed into the paint prevent moulding and discolouration or ugly spotting of the wall and ceiling. Majestic Supreme Finish Primer contains sealants that block pores and bind the wall enamel and paint in strong bond for life. The special paint called Majestic Primer for Wood and Trims is an essential solution to maintaining the floor and wall edges that get dirty very quickly. 

Jotun promises that its interior paints series has the lowest odour as compared to other paints. The anti-formaldehyde keeps the entire family safe from toxin accumulating in the air that can irrtate the eyes and throat. 

Colour Quality

Guaranteed to give the perfect colour result in just 2 coats of paint, making it easy to apply and quick to finish. Some series have a glossy metallic finish that makes them look brighter and cleaner than other low-quality paints. As these paints are created without any harmful chemicals they are easy to use not requiring any special professional handling or care. 

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