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The best price of Joystick For Pc in Pakistan is Rs. 150 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,708.


Another device that belongs to PC peripherals that are used for gaming. The joystick is fun to use for flying and fighting games. They come with multiple buttons on the stick and base, which add more flexibility while playing. There are a few brands that develop them and the prices are relatively high.


The joystick

A device that is designed for analog input into a digital environment, one of the many peripherals used for PC gaming. A stick is built with a pivot at the base, the variations in angle are read by the PC. Joysticks have their origins in the aviation industry. It is still the main control in many civilian and military aircrafts.

The joystick designed for gaming has multiple buttons on it that can be used for different actions within the game, such as shooting. The buttons usually go under the thumb and index finger. The base block of the joystick could also have more buttons on it for enhanced options.

More often joysticks are used for flight simulation and fighting games on PCs. There are not that many games that support the use of one, which limits the usage. People do enjoy the nostalgia factor with joysticks and others use them to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.


Joysticks are available form a handful of brands, the known ones include Logitech and Thrustmaster. The prices vary but are relatively high for something that one would not make use of too often.

Price List

Model Price
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Wired USB 2.0 Black Gamepad Joystick Joypad Gamep… Rs. 749
Thrustmaster USB Joystick For PC Rs. 12,499
Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X Joystick For PC/PS3 Rs. 23,500
4 in 1 Mobile Game controller with Joystick For P… Rs. 1,250
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5 In 1 Mobile Phone Joystick For PUBG Free Fire G… Rs. 470
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