Just For Men Hair Color Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Just For Men Hair Color in Pakistan is Rs. 1,190 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,582.


The products by Just For Men are so easy to use that they can be incorporated in a man's daily grooming routine. The Easy Comb-in Color kit has all the essential tools and chemicals without the long procedure to cover greying hair. The pre-mixed formula needs to directly apply and will color hair in 10 minutes. The formula has no ammonia or chemical-heavy peroxide ensuring that the hair is not damaged after colourisation.


Easy & Effective

The Just For Men has a full range of grooming products for hair care and hair color. The Full Gray Coverage, Partial Gray Coverage, Gradual Gray Reduction and Hair Regrowth will offer many varieties of colourisation treatments according to your preferences and hair type. The fact of the matter is men do not want to spend hours on their hair, they want something personalised to their behaviour and requirements.

The range of products by Just For Men understands the needs of young and mature men who do not want to waste time in a salon or tending to their hair for hours. This is the reason all the hair treatments are under 10 minutes making sure that no precious time is wasted and the job is done perfectly every time. Incorporating these treatments into a busy schedule is simple and easy, without breaking the bank over expensive salon appointments. The shades are natural and close to original hair colour such as Sandy and Dark Blond, Light to Dark Brown with an additional Dark tone to match your hair. The Real, Rich and Jet Black shades are ideal for men. 

There is a series of Beard Care products and Accessories for men to be able to maintain themselves on a budget. Their products are affordable and readily available online making it easy to order from the comfort of your home or during the workweek from the office. The popular product offered by Just For Men includes the Shampoo-in Color Mix that is as simple as washing the hair with the formula. It has keratin, olive oil and vitamin E to leave the hair soft and nourished after color treatment. Used to cover greys and colour original tone to full hair coverage. The salon ready professional results feel 100% natural leaving the hair stronger without any damage. The entire process can be as short as 5 minutes making it easy to maintain hair color with a busy schedule.

The Mustache & Beard kit is for eliminating any unwanted greys so that the beard can look thicker and fuller leaving you feeling young and fresh. The process is a brush-in treatment that can take up to 5 minutes only. This is a creamier formula that makes it easy to evening apply all over without missing any strands of hair. The biotin, aloe and coconut oil are all essential oils that leave the bread feeling soft and clean. 

Price List

Model Price
Just For Men Brush-In Colour Gel Rs. 1,590
Just For Men Mustache & Beard Color - Light Brown Rs. 1,710
Just For Men Hair Color Light Brown Rs. 1,445
Just For Men Beard Color Natural Medium Brown Rs. 1,450
Just For Men Hair Color Natural Dark Brown Black Rs. 1,200
Just For Men Hair Color Dark Brown Black 35 Rs. 1,660
Just For Men Shampoo-In Hair Color Dark Brown H-45 Rs. 1,499
Just For Men Hair Color Dark Brown-Black Rs. 1,445
Just For Men Mustache & Beard Brush-in Hair Color… Rs. 1,795
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