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Compare 6 prices from 5 stores.

Compare 6 prices from 5 stores.

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Rs. 6900 - Rs. 20000


Among the collection of electronics, JVC produces the brand also has quite a lot of options for different kinds of headphones. One can choose based on their needs and the budget they have in mind. The various options include over-ear, wireless and true wireless as well. The prices range from lower to mid-range, with only a few being costly that are part of their high resolution options.


JVC is a brand that started in Japan in 1927, it has a long history of producing great technologies, including VHS; the videotapes we all used in the 80s and 90s for our movies. The brand also has a lot of options for headphones.

The range includes over-ear headphones and earbuds. There are options that are wired and wireless as well. The earbud segment has wireless ones that have buds connected by buds and also the true wireless ones where there are individual buds. Almost all the headphones allow you to answer calls while you use them, this means you have your hands free to do your tasks.

The earbud design also has some that have the ear clips, these have a small hook that goes behind the ear; this lets you go for a jog or work out without worrying about them falling out. With a lot that also have water resistance so while you work out the sweat does not damage them. Controls vary from model to model some have a small remote embedded into the wire others have a single button on them and then there are also some with just touch control.

Certain models also have active noise cancelling, this lets you be in the zone and have no outside noise bother you. Some of the models let you activate Ambient Sound Mode this lets you have the outside sounds mixed in as well so you are not cut off. Bass boosting is also possible depending on the model. 

A lot of the JVC headphones have colourful options so you can choose a colour that you like. With others, the colour is a standard black.

As for battery times, most have a lot of hours for users to enjoy. The higher-end ones are 20 hours and over, with the others 10 hours and so is common.


The price range of JVC headphones is as diverse as the options. One can find something that is in an affordable range all the way to something that is expensive. The features and quality are relevant to the prices. The higher-end headphones are better, with the more affordable ones being good in value.


The best price of Jvc Headphones in Pakistan is Rs. 6,900 and the estimated average price is Rs. 11,666.

Price List

Model Price
Jbl T450 On-ear Wired Headphone (white) Rs. 20,000
JBL Tune 205BT - Wireless Earbud headphones Rs. 6,900
Jlab Jbuddies Studio Wireless Headphone Rs. 11,699
Jlab Jbuddies Studio Wired Headphone Rs. 7,599
Jbl Go 3 Rs. 11,500
JBL Tune 510BT Wireless on-ear headphones Rs. 12,299