Kenwood Air Fryer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Kenwood Air Fryer in Pakistan is Rs. 20,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 32,333.


A great appliance if you are looking to reduce your oil intake, generally when you fry you need a lot more oil, with an air fryer you need a fraction of what you would generally use. Many brands produce them, as does Kenwood. With a few options that one can choose from, the prices are in a mid range.


Kenwood is an electronics producer with a long-standing reputation. Among the diverse collection of products, one can also find air fryers from the brand. An air fryer would help you eat healthy by greatly reducing the usage of oil for fried foods.

Kenwood air fryers

Air fryers from Kenwood have a simple design, a rotund body with a slanted top where all the controls and screen are. The inside is a basket into which one places the food after brushing it with oil. The extra oil and fats from certain foods melt and drip into a tray below the basket. This way only a minimal amount of oil is on the food.

There are pre-set timings for certain foods and one can make use of these to simplify their cooking process. One can change the temperature and timing to get the kind of cook they want. There are also cookbooks along with their air fryer so you can get a guide for how it works. The base has non slip feet letting it sit well on the kitchen counter and it also has overheat protection so it does not get damaged or catch fire.

Generally, if you were to use almost a cup of oil with an air fryer you could achieve the same with a tablespoon of oil, this is a marked difference and would help a lot with consuming lesser oil.


A great investment if you are looking to change your lifestyle and be more healthy. The Kenwood range of air fryers is in the mid ranges as far as price goes.

Price List

Model Price
Kenwood Royal Swiss XL Digital Screen Air Fryer Rs. 20,500
Kenwood HFP50 Air Fryer 5.5 Ltr Rs. 37,500
Kenwood Air Fryer + Elec Oven HFP 90 Rs. 42,999
Kenwood HFP50 Air Fryer 5.5 Ltr Black Rs. 31,500
Kenwood HFP-30 Air Fryer Rs. 26,500
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