Kenwood Baking Oven Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Kenwood Baking Oven in Pakistan is Rs. 12,700 and estimated average price is Rs. 31,908.


One of the affordable brands in Pakistan, Kenwood's range of baking ovens is limited yet features durable and multipurpose machines. These ovens are available in gas and electric options but the electric ones are more sought after and popularly available. Kenwood Baking Oven prices in Pakistan are in the mid-range. 


Kenwood Microwave Baking Ovens

The brand's microwave baking ovens look like regular microwave ovens on the outside but serve a wide variety of baking options. These are less pricier than the built-in gas oven variety and are also much more compact in size. This is a full-blown baking oven that can heat, bake, defrost, grill, toast and cook food and also offers multiple preset options. Due to the small and compact size, these baking ovens can be placed anywhere in the kitchen on the counter or even a medium heightened table would do. This comes with a one-year warranty and features 1100 Watts Power Consumption. It also has an auto shut-off function that prevents accidents and electrical hazards.

Kenwood Built-in Baking Ovens

These work on gas and are pricier than microwave style ovens. They are also quite large in size and can be installed in the kitchen wall, cabinet or the counter wherever you feel it blends well with the setting. You can use these ovens for baking, grilling, roasting, rotisserie etc.

Kenwood Baking Oven prices in Pakistan can be compared on this page. They are multifunction ovens with stainless steel control panels and mirror glass doors. Easy to clean, these ovens can be bought in multiple sizes.

Price List

Model Price
Electric Oven / Baking Oven / convection electric… Rs. 18,000
Electric Oven / Baking Oven / convection electric… Rs. 16,000
Imported Electric Oven / Baking Oven Rs. 21,000
Imported Electric Oven / Baking Oven Rs. 21,000
Toaster Oven Haier 65 LitersSilver Baking Oven Rs. 28,900
Anex Oven Toaster 2000W AG-2070 Rs. 22,385
Electric Baking Oven – Black Rs. 16,900
EO-G120-K3 Sharp Electric Oven 100L 2800W Black S… Rs. 55,999
HMN-32100EGB Haier Microwave Oven 32Ltr Black Rs. 31,100
WF-6300RKC Westpoint Electric Oven with Kebab Gri… Rs. 32,900
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