Kenwood Coffee Maker Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Kenwood Coffee Maker in Pakistan is Rs. 8,995 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,497.


Coffee makers are convenient to set up and a lot easier to use for making your daily coffee. A Kenwood coffee maker will brew your coffee and keep it warm so you can drink it over time as well. The coffee maker could be used at home or office and even in a cafe. There are different kinds available and the prices range from affordable to expensive.


Kenwood has a lot of appliances available and also produces different kinds of coffee makers.

The designs are simple and functional, with some variations so one can choose the one they like. Kenwood has simple coffee makers that brew with the drip method, and the prepared coffee is contained in a jug that is also kept warm so you could drink multiple cups over time with them still being hot.

Aside from this basic kind, Kenwood also has the larger coffee maker that is used to make fancier things like a cappuccino. It has a frother to make the fluffy layer for such coffees. These are more often used in cafes, although some people even have them in the office or home.

The quality of Kenwood appliances is generally good. Prices for the coffee makers is from an affordable rate to a higher one, the simple machines cost less. The more complex machine which can produce different kinds of cups costs more.

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CMM200 Kenwood Coffee Maker White Rs. 9,999
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