Keshia Hair Oil Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Keshia Hair Oil in Pakistan is Rs. 257 and estimated average price is Rs. 335.


A line of locally produced oils. Keshia Hair Oil has two options, one can choose based on what works better for their hair. The price of Keshia Hair Oil is nominal.


Keshia Hair Oil

A hair care product from Skincare Pakistan. Keshia Hair Oil has two variants, one is oil extracted from amla and the other is oil extracted from moringa. Both these sources are known for their various health benefits. Amla is also eaten raw and cooked, as is moringa but more as a supplement.

Both these oils are good for hair health. Reducing hair fall, keeping the scalp moisturised, reducing dandruff and thus improving the overall health of your hair.

The bottles come with applicators that are in the shape of a hollow comb, this makes it very easy to get the oil directly onto your scalp. A decent amount should be used, but anything more means the hair will retain grease and gather dust.

After application, massage your scalp for about 20 minutes. One can leave the oil in for longer periods after the massaging or wash it out. This depends on what works for you and also how much time you have on that specific day.

The scent of Keshia Hair Oils is strong as the oils are infused with a sweet smell. 


As with all herbal products, Keshia Hair Oil has to be used consistently for a while before the effects are visible. it is not a one-time quick fix. One can try and see which of the two oils works better for them and choose.

The price of this product is nominal.

Price List

Model Price
Haircare Keshia Hair Moringa 120ml Oil Rs. 391
Hair Oil Keshia- 120ml Rs. 399
Keshia Roghan-e-Amla hair oil 120 ml Rs. 300
Haircare Keshia Hair Moringa 120ml Oil Rs. 391
HairCare Keshia Roghan-E-Moringa Organic Hair Oil… Rs. 350
RS Online Keshia Roghan-E-Moringa Organic Hair Oi… Rs. 400
KESHIA Rogan-e-Moringa Hair Oil, 100% Organic, An… Rs. 350
Keshia Roghan-e-Moringa hair oil 120 ml Rs. 300
Hair Oil Keshia- 120ml Rs. 399
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