Keune Care Satin Shampoo Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Keune Care Satin Shampoo in Pakistan is Rs. 1,645 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,783.


A high-quality shampoo that is specifically made to help your hair shine. The Keune Care Satin Shampoo has multiple oils that help with adding the needed sheen and nourishment.


Keune is one of the well-known brands for hair care products. With a wide array of products that provide all kinds of care, the brand has a high-quality product range.

The Keune Care Satin Shampoo is made for people who would like to add shine to their hair and help it grow better as well. The formulation has three different oils that aid with nourishment and shine.

Keune Care Satin Shampoo contains baobab oil, maracuja or passion fruit oil, monoi oil and coconut oil. All these and the other ingredients induce a shine, along with making sure the hair is nourished so it grows better. Monoi is specifically known to be able to penetrate the hair shaft better, so it can get it moisturised and shiny.

One can apply a fair amount to their hair and scalp, massage it gently for a few minutes and then rinse it out. The effects of Keune Care Satin Shampoo can vary from person the person, for some it may have faster results.

Price List

Model Price
Keune Care Satin Shampoo 300Ml Rs. 1,715
Keune Care Satin Oil Shampoo Silky, Soft, Shiny H… Rs. 1,715
Keune Care Line Satin Oil Conditioner, 250ml Rs. 2,050
Keune Care Satin Oil Shampoo 300ml Rs. 1,645
Keune Care Satin Oil Shampoo, 300ml Rs. 1,750
Keune Care Satin Oil Shampoo Silky, Soft, Shiny H… Rs. 1,892.44
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