Keune Derma Activate Shampoo Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Keune Derma Activate Shampoo in Pakistan is Rs. 1,575 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,704.


From the Care line, the Keune Derma Activate Shampoo is great to thicken and rejuvenate your hair. Designed to stimulate hair growth with nourishment and ingredients such as vitamin H that improves Keratin.


Keune is a renowned brand when it comes to hair care. The Keune Care Derma Activate Shampoo is made to improve hair health, making it thicker.

Hair loss can be avoided by making use of products that stimulate the scalp's metabolism., this is the process that the Keune Care Derma Activate Shampoo helps with. It has vitamin H which is one of the key components to help Keratin.

Keratin being the building block of hair needs to be improved upon, this allows the hair to rejuvenate as the building blocks get better.

Price List

Model Price
Keune Care Derma Activate Shampoo, 300ml Rs. 1,750
Keune Care Derma Activate Shampoo 300ML Rs. 1,575
Keune Care Derma Activate Shampoo For Thinning Ha… Rs. 1,906.36
Keune Care Derma Activate Shampoo For Thinning Ha… Rs. 1,645
Keune Care Derma Activate Shampoo 300Ml Rs. 1,645
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