Keune Hair Color

Compare 358 prices from 17 stores.

Compare 358 prices from 17 stores.

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The Keune hair products are widely used in salons and parlours all over Pakistan by ladies and gents that want to cover their greying hair completely. The brand began its journey back in 1922, over the decades it has perfected a non-allergic formula for its clients that is safe to use on all hair and scalp types.


Color Shades

There are over 100 shades that are intermixed to create secondary shades according to the personal style, skin tone and ethnicity of the client. Colourisation can be a painless and damage-free experience with the Keune various color series. they have 52 natural shades that numbers using 1 as the darkest tone (Black) and the 10 as the lightest (Blonde). For clients that want extra coverage with maximum coverage, there are exclusive extra opaque natural shades. The Fashion and Intensive Red shade collection feel high end and runway fashion ready, making hair feel premium and expertly stylised. The Lifted and Mix colour shades are for women looking for extra vibrancy and bright colour looks that feel unconventional and dramatic.  


The colour in the tube is mIxed in with Keune developer that has LP 300 agent which activates the color pigments to bind strongly together for effective colourisation on the hair. It is recommended to follow up right after the treatment with a Keune Color shampoo that prevents oxidation and neutralises the hair. 

Types of Keune Hair Color 

The two popular series by Keune Hair Color are Tinta and Semi Color dyes that do not have any PPD (Paraphenylenediamine) agents in their formula. PPD can cause allergic reactions and creating a formula free of it ensures clients do not suffer any pain or damage to their hair.

The Tinta products have Triple Color Protection Technology essential when applying permanent hair colour. The special formula has LP 300 color stabilizer called Tinta Cream Developer and UV protection called Solamer UV that acts as a filter preventing damage or rapid fade prolonging the results of the treatment. For shine and softness after colourisation, the Silk Protein agents in the formula help repair and nourish damaged hair and lock in colour.

The Keune Semi Color is also ammonia-free based on a tone-on-tone color with up to 70 per cent grey coverage. For women and men who are not ready to commit to permanent hair dye, this is an Ideal treatment as the intensive tone-on-tone color is semi-permanent. It is easy to use and doesn't not stain the scalp. There is noticeable shine on the hair because of the Silsoft technology that leaves the hair conditioned and soft. 

Other Hair Color Series

The So Pure Hair Color creates a natural balance by suing only pure range of sulfate and keeping their formula ammonia-free. It is 100% vegan made with a coconut base that nourishes the hair and has zero stainings of the scalp. The certified organic argan oil leaves the hair soft and shiny. Antioxidants from vitamins A and E protect the hair from external influences.

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The best price of Keune Hair Color in Pakistan is Rs. 422 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,606.

Price List

Model Price
Keune Hair Color - 4.15 Medium Ash Mahogany Br… Rs. 1,290
Keune Tinta Hair Color 6 Dark Blonde Rs. 1,450
Keune Tinta Hair Color 8 Light Blonde Rs. 1,450
Keune Tinta Hair Color 7 Medium Blonde Rs. 1,750
Keune Tinta Hair Color 6.6 Dark Red Blonde Rs. 1,750
Keune Tinta Hair Color 1 Black Rs. 1,450
Keune Tinta Hair Color 6.6 Dark Red Blonde Rs. 1,450
Keune Tinta Hair Colour, 0/44 Copper Rs. 1,450
Keune Tinta Hair Color 6.5 Dark Mahogany Blonde Rs. 1,750
Keune Tinta Hair Color, 8.32 Light Beige Blonde Rs. 1,450
Keune Tinta Hair Colour, 6.19, Dark Matt Blonde Rs. 1,500
Keune Tinta Hair Colour, 9 Very Light Blonde Rs. 1,450