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The best price of Keune Hair Gel in Pakistan is Rs. 685 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,373.


Keune is a brand all about hair care and hairstyling; the brand has a range of gels as well for the latter. There are variations in their gel line, mostly based on the difference in hold strength and look. The price of Keune hair gels is generally expensive as far as hair gel goes.


Keune was the first brand to introduce hair gels. As a brand Keune has been around since 1922 and was started in Amsterdam; it is still family-owned. It is one of the first Dutch brands to break into the international market. The hair gel range today has multiple options.

Keune hair gels

The main difference is how tough the gel is. Depending on what hairstyle one is aiming for one can choose the correct hold strength to go with. There is the Tripple X Gel which is a strong hold and a shine with its finish. It also has Rock Crystals added to it and extracts from the Rooibos plant. Providing some nutrition to your hair.

The Ultra Gel has a long-lasting hold and a more luminous shine. Ultra Gel also has heat protection for temperatures at 230 Celcius.

For something that is more supple one can opt for Brilliantine Gel, this has some pomade added into it; making the hair more mouldable once the gel is dried even. This iteration by Keune is useful for braided hair as well.

The brand has a classic version of their gels too, known as 1922 By J.M. Keune Classic Gel that is made for medium length hair. This version has extracts from hemp seeds which bring protein and omegas that hair needs. It even has creatine added in.

If one wants something that is light there is the So Pure Modulation Gel, which has argan oil and essential oils that also keep your hair hydrated. This lets you keep a style without it being too sticky.

Blend Gel by Keune is the strongest hold. It dries super fast as well; holding the hair in place all day long. Another edge to this gel is that is has a UV filter so if your hair is coloured, being in the sun won't fade it as much. For a nutritional advantage, Keune has mixed in a multi-vitamin complex into its Blend Gel. This keeps the hair's health better as gel itself can strain hair.


Generally, one should try to wash out hair products before going to sleep. As far as gels go, Keune hair gels are expensive. This is due to the quality of their products and ingredients, as well as the brand reputation.

Price List

Model Price
Keune Style Ultra Gel N88 - 50Ml Rs. 720
Keune Style Brilliantine Gel - 75Ml Rs. 1,775
Keune Style Texture Ultra Gel N88 50Ml Rs. 685
Keune Style Texture Triple X Gel, N-1010, 200ml Rs. 1,800
Keune Style Ultra Gel N88 - 200Ml Rs. 1,415
Keune Style Texture Ultra Gel N88 200Ml Rs. 1,335
Keune Style Texture Ultra Gel, Shape, N-88, 200ml Rs. 1,450
Keune Style Brilliantine Gel, No 29, 75ml Rs. 1,950
Keune Style Brilliant Gel 75 Ml Rs. 1,885
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