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The best price of Keune Hair Straightener Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 1,800 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,800.


Hair straightening is a process usually done at the salons and involves single or multiple treatments that result in either temporary or long term hair straightening. It can also be done at home but the risk of damaging the hair is high if you don't know your way with it. Rebonding, keratin and extenso are the most commonly done procedures in salons for hair straightening in Pakistan and worldwide. Hair straightener creams, neutralizers and other products are involved in the process to achieve silky smooth frizz-free hair. Keune hair straightener creams are chemicals that help you straighten your hair and keep it like that for several weeks. You can check out Keune hair straightener cream price in Pakistan on this page and read on for its pros and cons as well as in-depth information.

Pros & Cons


  • Removes frizz

  • Tames flyaway hair

  • Adds dazzling shine

  • Leaves hair silky smooth

  • Makes hair more manageable

  • Contains keratin and silk protein


  • Can make hair look flat

  • Might irritate some scalps

  • Over usage can damage hair

  • Not for colour-treated, permed or bleached hair


People with curly or frizzy hair love to straighten their tresses with the use of electronic gadgets like hair straighteners and brushes as a quick fix. But the effect is only temporary and lasts till your hair doesn't get wet. Just a light shower of rain can destroy the look of your perfectly straightened hair, leaving it looking unkempt and wavy. For this purpose, hair straightener creams were invented to straighten your locks and give them a glossy and silky effect that would last several weeks. Keune is amongst the most popular hair straightener cream brands in Pakistan and is widely used across the country at homes and in salons. 

Keune Hair Straightener Cream Benefits

One pack of hair straightener cream by Keune consists of an 85ml tube of fixing balm and an 85ml tube of straightening balm. If applied the right way, the cream effectively and safely straightens curly and unruly hair, leaving it smooth, silky and manageable. It contains Cationactive Phyto Keratin and Silk Protein, that give a bounce to the hair, making the hair look shiny and beautiful. 

How to Use Keune Hair Straightener Cream

First, wash your hair with a mild shampoo if it is oily or has heavy product residue. Towel dry your hair gently and then apply the straightener cream with a brush on each strand, starting at the nape of the neck. Make sure not to touch the scalp and keep at least 0.5 cm distance from it. To distribute the product evenly through your hair make sure to comb it and then wait for 5 to 20 minutes or according to your hair type and structure. When the time is up, straighten out the hair with a wide-toothed comb for 5 minutes but not more than that. Thoroughly rinse the hair with warm water until all product has been removed and then dry your hair with a towel. Now apply the fixing balm evenly through the hair and comb through it for 10 minutes. The fixing balm can be massaged from the scalp all through the hair by adding a little warm water to it. In the end, finish by thoroughly rinsing hair till all fixing balm or any residue has been removed.

Side Effects

While there are a few benefits of Keune hair straightener creams, the side effects may include hair damage and itchy scalp, if the cream is not used carefully. If the straightening creams come in contact with your scalp during the process, it can result in dermatitis, allergic reactions and other skin conditions. Over usage can also make the hair brittle and dry in the long run.

Keune hair straightener cream price in Pakistan varies depending on the seller and container size but they are generally not very expensive and are easily available online and in stores.

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