Keune Tinta Cream Developer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Keune Tinta Cream Developer in Pakistan is Rs. 850 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,830.


Developer is made to lighten your hair so it can be dyed better. One can get the Keune Tinta Cream Developer which is made for hair dyes that are also from Keune.


Keune Tinta Cream Developer is made to be used with Keune Tinta hair colours.

Developer lightness the hair similar to bleach but is not bleach. It can damage hair if used wrong, which is why one should use it at the apt volume. This varies from hair to hair and for different colours of hair.

Keune Tinta Cream Developer also contains a colour stabilizer, LP 300. 

Price List

Model Price
Keune Tinta Developer 6 20 Vol With Cream Bleach … Rs. 850
Keune Tinia Cream Developer 9 % 30 Vol, 1000ml Rs. 2,100
Keune Tinia Cream Developer 3% 10 Vol, 1000ml Rs. 2,050
Keune Tinia Cream Developer 6 % 20 Vol, 1000ml Rs. 2,050
Keune Tinia Cream Developer 12% 40 Vol, 1000ml Rs. 2,100
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