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If you want to store or transfer text documents, PDFs, or images a Kingston 8GB USB would work for you. This is a smaller amount of space but still kind of convenient if it suits your needs. This device is small enough to fit into a keychain and can be carried along very easily. Kingston's 8GB USB is in a very affordable price range.

Pros & Cons


  • Can pick up malware


A known brand that produces various Flash Memory based products, including USBs. The Kingston range has options for 8GB USBs as well, under its Data Traveler line. One can find different designs and choose which they like. Overall the size is compact for all the designs, compact enough to be carried on a keychain.

Uses of an 8GB USB and more

If one has an 8GB USB from Kingston they could use it to transfer textual documents or some images. Larger format files may be harder as they require a lot more space. This is a useful device if one has fixed forms for work that they may need at any time.

Smaller bootable OSes or diagnostic tools can also be kept on a USB.

The transfer speeds of a USB depend on what USB standard it is built for. The higher the number alongside the faster it can move information, so a USB 1.0 is much slower than a USB 3.0. This also has to match the port it is being inserted into, an older port would not provide the same speeds to a higher USB standard flash drive.

All USBs have a cycle range, this pertains to the read and write cycles. The number of cycles is in the then of thousands so one gets quite a bit of usage before their drive falls apart.


Given that a USB does not have any moving parts it is a durable device. The Kingston brand is also known for its quality of devices in the market and is widely used all over.

A Kingston 8GB USB is available for lower-end rates as this is a starting point for storage space sizes.

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