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The best price of Kitchen Sink in Pakistan is Rs. 647 and estimated average price is Rs. 12,886.


The kitchen is a frequently used space in the house, with three meals a day and regular cleaning taking place throughout the day. A strong and dependable kitchen sink can make living comfortable and stress free. The sink is used to wash dishes, pots and pans along with piling up dirty dishes used all day.


Household Essential

There are a variety of designs with various functionality and practicality for sinks to ensure all the household can benefit from an easy cleanup. The more fashionable kitchen sinks are usually made from quartz stone unlike traditional stainless steel seem commonly in the kitchen.  

Types of Kitchen Sinks

The double bowl kitchen sink will have two areas for clean up. Some designs have two equal sizes for the bowl or one will be relatively smaller than the other. The idea is to store the dirty dishes on one side while using the other for cleanup. The smaller side can also be sued to store cleaning utensils like sponges, brushes and soap. 

The apron sink is differently designed than traditional kitchen sinks as it slides into the counter like a drawer with the facing side exposed. Unlike traditional sinks that are dropped in on top of the counter into a hole cut out for the sink, the apron sink looks stylish. The apron-front sink is designed with different self-trimming edges with curved edges making them easy to install and use on a daily basis. 

Functionality & Features 

The original kitchen sink only had one basin to wash and pile dishes, these are large and deep making it easy to place large pots and pans at once. The kitchen sink design now has important space utility features such as a side drain pipe that help create space under the sink in the cabinet below making its a useful workspace. It is important to design the faucet of a kitchen sink as the water pouring mechanism is essential to the overall performance.

The basin can be bought with a slight incline or a central drain depression making it easier for water to escape and not pool. With stainless steel sinks, the noise of water pouring can become very loud and annoying while cleaning up, this is why sinks are now designed with a cancelling shield that ensures the reduction of noise. The rubber lining used to pad the sink is the reason it become quieter while using. 

The thicker sinks are made from heavy stainless steel grammage which ensures durability and helps the patina resists scratching. T304 stainless steel is also used to create heavy-duty kitchen sinks that are resistant to corrosion and are dent-resistant. Stainless steel is a fingerprint magnet that easily shows all watermarks and needs regular maintenance. To remove ugly marks and dullness caused by fingerprints kitchen sinks now have a satin finish that helps hide marks. 

Alternatives to Stainless Steel Skins 

Granite sinks are considered luxurious and fashionable as they have the durability and functionality of a regular traditional sink. The granite used for kitchen sinks is a combination of acrylic and at least 80% granite that make them mid-range price point. These designs are scratch-proof, fire-proof and available in a variety of colours. The stainless steel sinks look farmhouse and industrial as compared to the fine detailing used in granite sinks. These sinks make a kitchen look high end and sophisticated without compromising on functionality and performance. They are easy to maintain as they hide marks, stains and fingerprints easily. 

Granite sinks can feel heavy and hard to install as compared to other options such as polyester resins and quartz stone. When looking for a colourful sink that is cheaper than granite these are ideal alternatives that are high performance and just as long-lasting. 

Price List

Model Price
Kitchen Sink Dish Drainer Drying Rack - Beige Rs. 1,250
Kitchen Sink Dish Drainer - Drying Rack - Kitchen… Rs. 1,190
Kitchen Sink Dish Drainer Drying Rack 3 Layer Rs. 2,350
Grohe Sink Mixers Sink Mixer New Costa High Neck Rs. 15,279
Sonex 943 Sink Mixer Majestic (Long) (Gold) Rs. 18,550
Sonex 927-L Single Lever Sink Mixer Amy (Long) (C… Rs. 12,275
Verona Kitchen Sink SD6845 Rs. 11,000
Kitchen Sink Dish Drainer Drying Rack - Multicolo… Rs. 1,200
Kitchen Sink Dish Drainer Drying Rack Rs. 1,602
Zilver CL400S SS 304 Kitchen Mixer Brushed Nickel… Rs. 12,500
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