Kitkat Chocolate Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Kitkat Chocolate in Pakistan is Rs. 60 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,103.


KitKat chocolate is famous in the world, even in Pakistan it sells well. Made from chocolate that has wafers inside it. There are a few different flavours available. The price of a KitKat chocolate is competitive.



A famous chocolate all over the world, KitKat if one of the few that has a slogan which is famous too. "Have a break...have a KitKat". 

KitKat chocolate is made from wafers, there are three wafers which are separated by chocolate and also covered in it. Each chocolate has two or four finger-like bars that can be snapped off and eaten individually. KitKat flavours include milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. Fillings vary as well with some that have caramel or mint. In Japan, KitKat chocolate is a big his as the name is similar to "Kitto Katsu", roughly translating as "surely win". Japan has many flavours including green tea, sake, ginger ale and more.

KitKat is produced in many countries worldwide and is owned by the Nestle conglomerate. It is available for a competitive price in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
Kitkat Milk Chocolate 20g Pack of 5 - Made in UK Rs. 555
Kitkat 4 Finger Chocolate Full Box 24 x 41gm (24P… Rs. 4,150
Nestle Kit Kat Chocolate 70% Dark 41.5 Gm Rs. 595
Kit Kat Chunky Milk Chocolate Rs. 1,677
Kitkat Milk Chocolate Wafer Fingers 20.7 Gram - P… Rs. 375
Kitkat Milk Chocolate 20g Pack Of 5 - Made In Uk Rs. 555
Kitkat ( Kit Kat ) 2 Finger Chocolate Box ( 21gm*… Rs. 3,299
Kit Kat Milk Chocolate 4 Fingers / Bars 41g (pack… Rs. 590
Nestle Kitkat Chunky Mini bag 250gm Rs. 1,890
Kitkat Chunky 38g (pack Of 3) Rs. 550
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