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The best price of Klassickitchenware.com in Pakistan is Rs. 355 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,571.


A Pakistani brand Klassic Kitchenware has a range of pots and pans. The range has non-stick, marble coated, aluminium, pressure cookers and utensils. The prices are accessible.


Klassic Kitchenware is a Pakistani producer of pots and pans, as well as some utensils.

The options include saucepans, frying pans, pressure cookers, karahis/wok, pots and tawas. There are different materials one can opt for. Aluminium is one of the main options, although this is a questionable material as the metal can leech into your food. Non-stick, which is Teflon, is also used a lot less in the world today.

Kalssic Kitchenware also has marble coated options, these are thought to be a comparatively better option. Pans with any kind of coating should be washed by hand and not with anything that can scratch it. Heating should be kept at a medium level with such pans or the coating can bleed a bit more than normal.

One can also find plastic plates from Klassic Kitchenware. There is even a small set of cooking utensils that can be used while frying or stirring.


With decades of experience, Klassic Kitchenware has good quality products. The brand has been around since 1989 and also sell via local retailers in London.

The price of their products is in an affordable range, making them accessible.

Price List

Model Price
KLASSIC Cooking Pot / Casserole 28Cm Aluminum All… Rs. 3,370
KLASSIC 8 Pieces Frying Gift Set with Glass Lid N… Rs. 6,999
KLASSIC Gift Set Vario 15 Pieces Glass Lid Marble… Rs. 18,149
Excel King 32-36-40 cm Aluminum Alloy Metal Rs. 16,243
KLASSIC Die-Cast Frying pan Bakelite Handle 26Cm … Rs. 2,100
KLASSIC Induction Karahi Round Short Handle 28Cm … Rs. 3,287
Klassic Sauce Pan 20Cm with Glass Lid Non Stick Rs. 2,545
KLASSIC Milk Pan 17.5Cm Non Stick Rs. 1,389
KLASSIC Premium Quality Glass Lid / Cover with Ba… Rs. 387
KLASSIC Round Frying Pan 26Cm Marble Coating Rs. 2,214
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