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The best price of Knorr Noodles in Pakistan is Rs. 23 and estimated average price is Rs. 337.


Knorr Noodles make for an instant snack, prepared in minutes and with a few different flavour options. Nominally priced making them easily accessible to a larger segment of people.


Knorr noodles

A quick snack that is easy to prepare, the Knorr Noodles line has multiple flavours to pick from. Commonly eaten by kids, but often a quick fix for hunger that adults also turn to. It takes a couple of minutes to prepare Knorr Noodles, some people want them to have more water while others like them a tad bit dry. This personal preference also defines the cooking times.

Instant noodles are a quick fix snack but are not a very good source of nutrition. One's diet needs other foods along with a possible snack of these noodles. The flavouring contains preservatives, meaning it contains high levels of sodium; this is bad for heart patients or people with diabetes. As with all processed foods, instant noodles are also considered to trigger cancer cells, similar to nuggets or sausages. There was a rumour dating back to October 2000 that claimed that instant noodles are covered in wax, which has been tagged as a hoax by many including the website

Knorr Noodles are from a lower price point making them very accessible to the average Pakistani.

Price List

Model Price
Knorr Noddles Blazin 132 G Rs. 189
Knorr Noodles Chatt Patta, 66g, Pack of 12 Rs. 875
Knorr Noodles Chatt Patta Family Pack 264g (pack … Rs. 289
Knorr Chicken Noodles 66gm Rs. 65
Knorr Noodles Chicken Family Pack 244g (pack Of 4) Rs. 209
Knorr Chatt Patta Noodle Family Pack Rs. 280
Knorr Noodle Chicken 66 gm Rs. 56
Knorr Chatt Patta Noodles Family Pack 244gm Rs. 195
Knorr Blazing Noodles 132GM Rs. 349
Knorr Noodles - Hot & Spicy (66G) Rs. 23
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