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The best price of Knorr Yakhni in Pakistan is Rs. 34 and estimated average price is Rs. 65.


The traditional Pakistani Yakhni is frequently used to create dishes such as Pulao but is also considered a kind of soup that can be had on its own. It is an essential staple in Pakistani cuisine and cooking that can take several hours to prepare but with Knorr Yakhni dried powder it becomes a painless and instant process.


Instant & Flavourful 

The dried powder form of the Knorr Yaskhni saves time, energy and money as home cooks can now simply add the contents into boiling hot water on the stove and start preparing their meal. The small sachet packets can make it easy to have a warm soup in a cup at any time of the day or night that feels comforting and satisfying. This is essentially a quick stock that can add flavour to a host of dishes.

Yakhni is considered healing and medicinal for cold and flu, having soup can be gentle on the stomach's digestion when feeling weak and provide comfort to the body. The Knorr Yakhni has been prepared using real chicken and vegetables that have been dehydrated so that they can be preserved for a long time and are easy to store in your kitchen. The whole family can benefit from drinking a warm cup of soup without having to wait, simply add the powder to hot water and it will dissolve instantly. 

Price List

Model Price
KNORR CHICKEN YAKHNI 200 ML PCS pack of 2 Rs. 120
KNORR CHICKEN YAKHNI 200 ML PCS pack of 2 Rs. 120
KNORR CHICKEN YAKHNI 200 ML PCS pack of 2 Rs. 120
Knorr Instant Chicken Yakhni (5 Sachets) Rs. 34
Knorr Instant Chicken Yakhni, 5-Pack Rs. 40
Knorr Chicken Yakhni 200 Ml Pcs Pack Of 2 Rs. 120
Knorr Instant Chicken Yakhni 20gmx5pcs P... Rs. 40
Knorr Instant Chicken Yakhni Rs. 50
Knorr Instant Chicken Yakhni Rs. 54
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