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The best price of Kohasaa.com in Pakistan is Rs. 350 and estimated average price is Rs. 17,325.


Kohasaa is a fragrance brand from Karachi that is all about providing better options than what is available in the local market otherwise. The brand was started by Komal Rizvi, Hasan Rizvi and Saad Saeed Khan. The fragrances are designed to be inviting and last long.


Fragrances are a very important part of life and add to one's well being. A good scent can make you feel better. There are a few Pakistani brands that produce fragrances, with Kohasaa being such a brand. The aim of Kohasaa is to produce options that are better than what the rest of the market is producing.

The various scents include attar, perfumes, colognes and body mists. The attars are a more pure form of scent, a concentrated concoction that is applied with a small roll-on bottle. With options for men and women, the attar is also ideal for people who do not like the alcohol solvents in perfumes and colognes.

The fragrances that constitute perfumes and colognes are made under various names. With some that feature celebrity collaborations such as Hania Amir, Aiman Khan, Mueeb Butt and Farhan Saeed. These are made in the three tired accord structures that all fragrances are made with. Top notes, heart notes and base notes. The notes are crafted to balance out each other well, giving one a vivid experience that is sensual and evokes emotion.

Body mists are the segment that has the pressurised spray cans that are spray deodorants. These are a varied range with many options that one can choose from. These include Hey Honey, Fruitilicious, Lilies & Pears, Oh So Extra and more. With each, there is a different kind of vibe that is being created. One can choose the vibe they would like to freshen themselves with over their day. 


Kohasaa is aiming to provide quality products that are in an accessible range, allowing a lot more people to access them and make use of the scents to smell good. The prices are in a lower range due to this.

Price List

Model Price
High Quality Professional Grade Bansuri Available… Rs. 3,500
Stereo 2- and 3-way, Mono 4-way Crossover with Li… Rs. 42,500
Nylon tailgut for violin, viola. Easy to fit with… Rs. 750
Alice A606 (45-105) Steel Core Nickel Wound Bass … Rs. 4,750
A professional large-diaphragm condenser micropho… Rs. 19,500
Alctron DMC01 is a versatile passive monitor cont… Rs. 7,500
Intended for beginners, this keyboard features th… Rs. 51,000
Sonically matched in the Sabian Vault, an ideal p… Rs. 24,000
Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone with 50Hz to 16k… Rs. 42,000
The entry level model of the new X Series, the X1… Rs. 45,000
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