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The best price of Potato Sticks in Pakistan is Rs. 10 and estimated average price is Rs. 185.


One of the more famous local snacks. Kolson Potato Sticks have been in the market for a long time and are known for being crispy and spicy. The price is nominal, making them affordable to many.


The Kolson brand

Kolson is a Pakistani food and snack brand. They produce things such as crisps, instant noodles, biscuits and instant macaroni. Their most famous snack is Potato Sticks.

Kolson Potato Sticks

A simple snack; a snack that brings back many childhood memories to the Pakistani people. Kolson's Potato Sticks have been around for decades. The flavour is based on salt and pepper, but the balance is just right. The potato sticks are wafer-like in texture, with a flavouring that is towards the spicy side.

Kolson Potato Sticks are available for nominal prices in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
Wah Pototo Sticks Black Papper Rs. 228
Wah Pototo Sticks Red Chilli Rs. 208
Wah Pototo Sticks Mayo Garlic Rs. 228
Wah! Potato Sticks, Ketchup, 150g Rs. 230
Wah Pototo Sticks Bbq Rs. 228
Wah Pototo Sticks Ketchup 47gm Rs. 69
Salty Potato Sticks 180 gm Rs. 175
Nimcos Salty Potato Sticks 180g Rs. 280
Kolson Potato Stick Salt & Pepper 38g Rs. 21
Wah! Potato Sticks, Barbecue, 150g Rs. 230
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