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The best price of Kolson Spaghetti in Pakistan is Rs. 70 and estimated average price is Rs. 205.


Kolson produces pasta in various forms in Pakistan, including spaghetti. The prices are very competitive making it affordable for the local market.


Kolson is well known in Pakistan, with a wide range of food products. Their range includes pasta in its various shapes, including the spaghetti kind.

Pasta is a food that is loved all over the world and is commonly eaten in Pakistan as well. The Kolson spaghetti makes for a great meal or snack, one can prepare sauces of various kinds depending on what they are in the mood for. It could be marinara, alfredo or the many others. There are a lot of recipes on YouTube that can be followed to make tasty pasta.

Boiling pasta has to be exact and not too much or the texture is not right, so please keep an eye on the timer. The best way to make sure the spaghetti is cooked right is to take out a piece, run it under cold water and eat it to check.

The price of Kolson spaghetti is in an affordable range, making for a meal that is not expensive.

Price List

Model Price
Kolson Fancy Spaghetti - 500g Rs. 197
Kolson Fancy Spaghetti - 500g Rs. 197
Kolson Spaghetti - 450g Rs. 175
Kolson Spaghetti 450g Rs. 290
Kolson Spaghetti Rs. 168
Kolson Spaghetti Fancy (500gm) Rs. 95
Kolson Fajita Spaghetti, 250g Rs. 125
Kolson Spaghetti 500g Rs. 360
Kolson Fancy Spaghetti - 500g Rs. 197
Kolson Fancy Spaghetti Rs. 105
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