Kryolan Aquacolor Cake Liner Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Kryolan Aquacolor Cake Liner in Pakistan is Rs. 1,439 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,198.


Rich and fully pigmented, Kryolans Aquacolor range of cake eyeliners is easily available around the globe. The collection includes bright and vibrant cream eyeliners that can double as cream eyeshades and are applied with a wet sponge or brush. The best thing about them is their strong lasting power as well as their versatility. Kryolan Aquacolor Cake Liner is priced in the midrange.


Kryolan from Germany is in the makeup business for over 70 years. It is one of the oldest makeup brands to supply cosmetics for TV,  theatre and the film industry. The Aquacolor cake eyeliners and cream stick foundations are amongst the most popular products of the brand.

Product Design

Aquacolor Cake Liners by Kryolan come in small round plastic containers with transparent lids. They are compact and can be easily stashed in the handbag as they don't take up much space.


These eyeliners can be used in multiple ways. You can apply them as cream eyeliners as well as cream eyeshadows. The darker shades can also be used inside the eyes in place of kajal or kohl. The neon shades can be used to create artistic lines in the crease of the eye for cut-crease eye makeup. They can also be used for creating designs and temporary tattoos on the body or face.

Multiple Finishes

Kryolan Aquacolor Cake Liners are available in multiple finishes. These include matte, creamy, shimmery, glittery, pearlescent and metallic finishes.

Long-Lasting & Waterproof

These eyeliners are waterproof and have strong lasting power. They cling to the eyes all day long and do not smudge or crease during wear. However, the creamier shades are a bit prone to smudging and are not completely transfer-proof.

Easy To Remove

Despite their waterproof and hard set nature, these liners can be easily removed with a good makeup-removing solution, oil or plain soap and water.

Safe Ingredients & Fragrance-Free

The major concern these days is the number of chemicals added to cosmetics that can cause allergies and serious problems in some individuals. Also, more people are turning towards brands that are ethical and do not test on animals.

Kryolan is one such ethical brand that is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. There are also no hidden chemicals or strong fragrances in the composition of Kryolan eyeliners and are safe to use even by those with sensitive eyes.

Pro Tips

After applying Kryolan Aquacolor Cake Liners, the use of makeup fixing spray is recommended. This will further increase the longevity of these liners and make the eye makeup transfer-proof. Use with a wet sponge or brush for easy application and a fully pigmented result.

Price List

Model Price
Kryolan Aquacolor Cake Liner - 071 Black Rs. 2,350
Kryolan Aquacolor Cake Liner Blue Rs. 1,439
Kryolan Aquacolor Cake Liner - 071 - Black Rs. 2,350
Kryolan Aquacolor Cake Liner GR – 50 Army Green Rs. 2,226.40
Kryolan Aquacolor Cake Liner Blue Rs. 1,439
Kryolan Aquacolor Cake Liner - 071 - Black Rs. 2,350
Kryolan Aquacolor Cake Liner – 71 Black Rs. 2,226.40
Kryalon- Cake Liner-Aquacolor Cake Liner R 21 Rs. 3,057
Kryolan Aquacolor Cake Liner – 71 Black Rs. 1,840
Kryolan Aquacolor Cake Liner GR – 50 Army Green Rs. 1,840
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