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The best price of Kryolan Foundation Brush in Pakistan is Rs. 765 and estimated average price is Rs. 954.


The range of foundation brushes by Kryolan is vegan, cruelty free and delivers satisfactory quality. All types of foundations can be applied with these brushes, each shape and design serving a specific consistency. Though they aren't the softest brushes in the world, they do their job well. Kryolan Foundation Brushes' prices vary depending on the type and size of brush but they are generally in the affordable category.


Kryolan Premium Foundation Brush

A very soft and pliable brush with synthetic fibres, this is specially designed for applying all sorts of foundations. There is a metal handle in silver that makes the brush look premium. The brush delivers great results and is suitable for all skin types.

Kryolan Modern Art Foundation Brush

The Modern Art is a range of makeup brushes by Kryolan curated out of technologically innovative synthetic filaments. These help with creating unique makeup looks and for the precision handling of foundations. All types of foundations can be perfectly applied with this.

Kryolan Professional Foundation Brush

This one is for professional use and delivers great results. It helps apply the foundation accurately and also enables the user to blend out with ease and perfection. This brush has synthetic bristles that are soft and comfortable on the skin.

Kryolan Kabuki Foundation Brush

The kabuki brush is great for applying powder foundation. It gives a smooth and seamless finish, blending the foundation properly so there are no streaks or blotches. This comes with a small storage bag that can easily fit in your handbag.

Kryolan Blue Master Foundation Brushes

The Blue Master is another range of high-quality makeup brushes by the brand. Kryolan Blue Master Dual-Fiber Blending Brush comes in large and small sizes. The large-sized brush is great for applying cream and liquid foundations. It blends out the product easily and is ideal for foundation application on the neck, cheeks and forehead.

This brush is capable of evenly distributing the product as well as buffing it into the skin for a seamless finish due to its dual-fibre technology. The small-sized brush is ideal for applying foundation on smaller spaces such as the chin, sides of the mouth, temples and sides of the nose.

Other Kryolan Foundation Brushes in the Blue Master range are Large and Small brushes, Buffing brush, Complexion Blending brushes Large and Skin Perfecter brushes.

Price List

Model Price
Kryalon- Brushes-Brush Foundation 5011 Rs. 1,387
Kryolan - Foundation Brush 5011 Rs. 765
Kryolan - Foundation Brush 5011 Rs. 900
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