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The best price of Kurta Pajama Men in Pakistan is Rs. 850 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,113.


A traditional garb from the Subcontinent, a kurta and pajama are comfortable and airy. Going back to the Ghaznavid period, the style arrived from Central Asia to South Asia.


The kurta and pajama

A simple design at a basic level, the kurta is a loose shirt that is of knee-length. The sleeves come down to the wrist and are without cuffs, only hemmed and at times decorated. The sleeves also do not narrow like with western shirts. The front and back pieces are rectangular, also stitched from simpler cut cloth making it comfortable attire. Without a collar, it is just a hemmed round. The older style had a knot-and-loop button by the head-hole that closed it up a bit. There are also a varied range of styles that belong to different areas of Pakistan, the differences are regarding the pattern or embroidery mostly. The pajama is straight-lined and simple as well. A lot of times the pajama is white even with a coloured kurta. 


Kurtas can be made from cotton, silk or any other material. Usually, it is cotton but in winter it could be khaddar or any iteration of wool. Pajamas are almost always made of cotton.

Kurta pajamas are made by a lot of brands which is why they available at many price points.

Price List

Model Price
Sky blue cotton stylish kurta with blue design an… Rs. 3,399
Sky blue cotton stylish kurta with blue design an… Rs. 3,399
Qalamkar Festive Kurta Pajama for Men - QL22WM G-… Rs. 7,992
Muzains Cotton Formal Kurta Pajama for Men - MUZ2… Rs. 8,500
The Great Master (TGM) Missouri Formal Men Kurta … Rs. 8,200
The Great Master (TGM) Wash N Wear Formal Kurta P… Rs. 7,250
The Great Master (TGM) Cotton Silk Festive Kurta … Rs. 9,700
Qalamkar Festive Kurta Pajama for Men - QL22ME ME… Rs. 11,920
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