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Concealers and correctors are a great way to hide imperfections of the skin. Multipurpose concealers like the HD Pro Conceal by LA Girl, do more than just hide blemishes. Check out LA Girl HD Pro Conceal prices in Pakistan and read on for tips and hacks of using this concealer.


Quality & Texture

These concealers come in a sleek transparent squeezable tube with an easy to use slim nozzle and black cap. The Pro concealers are industry favourites when it comes to concealing, correcting and highlighting in makeup. The texture is creamy and crease-resistant as while it does a great job in hiding signs of ageing and other skin imperfections.

It gives opaque and full coverage and can tackle light to serious blemishes on the skin. Makeup experts consider it a long-wearing formula that is also lightweight on the skin and under the eyes. Despite being full coverage, the product gives a natural-looking finish that can be worn at any time of the day or night. 

Tips & Hacks

This concealer + corrector comes in a variety of shades that target various skin imperfections and help you achieve different makeup looks and flawless skin. They work as colour correctors, concealers and highlighters and the shades are accordingly categorised. You can apply any of these concealer correctors depending on your skin type and concerns and then top with your regular concealers and foundations. For a dewy and flawless look, finish by using a good highlighter.

1. If you have medium or deep skin tones you can use the Orange Corrector to conceal dark spots.

2. To brighten dull complexions that usually come with blue, purple or grey skin undertones, use the Yellow Corrector to correct and brighten dark undereye circles. This is best used on medium to dark skin tones.

3. Medium to dark skin tones that have redness can neutralize the red spots or rudy skin with LA Girl's Pro Green Corrector. 

4. If you notice sallowness and yellow undertones on your skin use the Lavender Corrector to counter that and neutralize your complexion. 

5. Those with lighter skin tones can use Peach Correctors to hide their dark spots. 

6. Fair-skinned people with blue or purple undertones can correct their dark circles with the Light Yellow Corrector and brighten the area.

7. Since green cancels out red, fair-skinned people can use the Mint Corrector to counter redness on their skin. 

8. The Red Corrector is a great product for concealing blemishes on deep dark complexion. 

9. For certain fair and lighter skin tones, the Cool Pink Corrector works really well in neutralizing various imperfections. 

10. White Corrector can be used to highlight high points of the face or to cancel out any pro conceal shade. 

Buy LA Girl HD Pro Conceal at the best prices in Pakistan from our website. We have a wide collection of cosmetics and other products of local and international brands from around the world. 

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