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A laminator is used to laminate or seal a document, card or paper to protect it from getting damaged. It puts a plastic coating on both sides of these documents through the method of fusing the plastic with the use of heat or adhesive. Lamination machine prices in Pakistan vary greatly depending on the size and type but you can easily buy one online from our page. Here is a comprehensive information on laminators, their types and function etc.


Best Lamination Machine Brands in Pakistan

The top producers of laminators that are available in Pakistan include Ibico, Scotch, Crenova, Swingline, Fellowes etc. You can find these machines from all the leading brands operating in Pakistan and get the product delivered to your doorstep. They are all considered very well designed and durable machines but Ibico is considered the top choice when it comes to quality, durability and popularity.

Lamination Machine Types

Laminator machines come in all sizes ranging from small desktop variety to large industrial level laminators that can be used to laminate everything including large maps. posters, banners etc. Laminating machines are available in hot or cold types and you can use thicker plastic for more durability of the laminated product or opt for the thinner one for a lower cost. 

Cold Lamination Machines

The cold variety is preferred by those who want an inexpensive machine and a hassle-free process. It is also pretty easy to maintain and require little setup time than their counterparts. The process is simple and easy and the results are high-quality without any colour bleeds or degradation. Cold laminators also allow for laminating only one side of the document, making them extremely popular for the flexibility and versatility they offer. The cold laminators may lack in the durability department and also the materials they use may cost more than the hot machine.

Hot Lamination Machines 

The hot type uses heat to activate or melt adhesive to fuse the plastic around the document. They offer a variety of materials such as vinyl, plastic etc and you can also set the heat according to your requirement. The results are great, delivering a faster laminate job and much more durable protection. A hot laminator uses less costly materials as compared to cold laminators. It is also more difficult to operate a hot laminator is can take a lot of practice to master the skill. One needs to be very careful while using a hot laminator as the adhesive can get to high temperatures and can be extremely hot and dangerous to touch.

Also, it is important to remember that not every lamination plastic, ink or colour would work with hot laminators as the heat can damage them or the document that is being laminated. One needs to invest in special materials and plastic laminates that can prevent the heat from damaging the document.

Some branded laminators can be pretty expensive. If you are on a budget and looking for economical choices, you can buy great quality lamination machines on sale at best prices in Pakistan from our page. We have a long list of trusted online sellers who can deliver your choice of product to your doorstep within a matter of a few days. 

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