Lancome Absolue Precious Oil Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Lancome Absolue Precious Oil in Pakistan is Rs. 1,200 and estimated average price is Rs. 12,066.


Lancome's Absolue Precious Face Oil is loved for its skin hydrating and nourishing properties. It is a blend of natural ingredients that replenishes the skin, restoring its suppleness and bounce. Lancome Absolue Precious Oil prices are in the upper range.


Mess-Free Design

This oil comes in a dropper bottle that expels the oil in the most controlled manner. So the flow of the oil is entirely in the user's hands and they can control the amount of the product. This way there is no product wastage or over-application of the oil. It also is a hygienic design as the user can easily dispense the oil without even coming in contact with the nozzle.

Skin Nourishing Ingredients

Lancome Absolue Precious Oil is a blend of Rose Essential Oil mixed with 7 precious botanical oils. They are all natural ingredients and the oil does not contain artificial fragrances or chemicals. The oil is also produced in a natural way through steam distillation.


Use Lancome Absolue Precious Oil if you feel your skin is uneven and dull looking. Even if the skin is not dull and uneven, one can use it to keep it moisturized, even-toned, healthy and glowing. The oil nourishes the skin while keeping it hydrated and bouncy. It improves the skin texture and makes it glow with youthful radiance. This is a non-greasy formula that is lightweight and airy. The great thing about this product is that it is suitable for all skin types.

Pro Tips

Though Lancome has marketed this product as a great makeup primer, avoid using it as one as it can deteriorate the quality of makeup. Use it as a nighttime moisturizer before bedtime and also use it during the day on bare skin if you are not planning to wear makeup.

Price List

Model Price
Lancome Absolue Precious Oil - 5ml Rs. 1,200
Lancome Absolue Precious Oil - 5ml Rs. 1,200
Lancome Absolue Precious Cell Nourishing Luminous… Rs. 17,500
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