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The best price of Lancome Cheek Brush in Pakistan is Rs. 6,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,000.


Lancome's famous brush for cheeks can be used for a variety of cosmetics. It is an angled brush with an ergonomic handle that helps apply the product with precision and comfort. Suitable for use with powder products. Lancome Cheek Brush prices are in the upper range.


Great Quality

Lancome Cheek Brush number 6 is reminiscent of MAC 129. Both share the same design and colour and also perform the same too. Lancome stands out in the competition as it comes at half the price of MAC's cheek brush.

Synthetic Bristles

The bristles of the Lancome Cheek Brush No. 6 are made of synthetic fibres and are vegan. They are soft and pliable, applying the blush-on in a single sweeping motion. There are no streaks or blotchiness with this brush as the bristles ideally pick up the right amount of product and help in even application.

Ergonomic Design

Lancome Cheek Brush # 6 has an ergonomic design with a handle made out of plastic. It is almost 6.5 inches in length, making it easy to carry and handle. The ferrule is made of 100% recycled aluminium that holds the bristles in place and prevents shedding. The slim and compact design helps in holding the brush comfortably.


The cheek brush can be used for applying powder blush-on as well as a contour powder and highlighter powder. One can also use it to apply a bronzer to the cheeks and cheekbones. This brush works well with powder cosmetics.

Easy to Clean

The synthetic bristles don't store a lot of residue product due to the shape of the head. Secondly, it is easy to wash and clean as it does not shed.

Lancome Cheek Brush no 6 works great with powder blush-ons, bronzers and contours. It may not work well with cream or liquid products.

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Model Price
Lancome Cheek Brush #6 - MB Rs. 6,000
Lancome Cheek Brush #6 - MB Rs. 6,000
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